Post AUTHENTIC Mulberry sales/deals/finds here!

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    Please use this thread to post about any great deals you find on Mulberry, it can be from eBay {DO NOT list your own auctions:nogood:}, retail/dept stores on an online retailer.

    Also, let's try and keep this thread comment free for those who choose to "subscribe" to it :tender:

    Thank you!
  2. Mulberry is 50% off at Bankok's Zen (Central World Mall). They have quite a few styles available...
  3. Hi Cece! Do you know which styles are available? Thanks. :smile:
  4. Ops, didn't have much time to browse but the Bayswater was there for sure (not many colours, I imagine it was the end of the sale), there were loads of wallets (different models), one or two Annie's but I'm afraid I cannot remember much (and I'm not an expert on this brand, sorry!!!)
  5. I saw some Mulberry Emmys and Alanas at the Nordstrom Rack in San Leandro today. The Emmys were in chocolate brown, vanilla, and a beige one with chestnut trim, and the Alana was black. They were all $499 (even though the Alana was smaller). I might not have all the exact style and color names right because the style tags were covered with the price sticker, but I'm pretty sure these were the styles. Nordstrom Rack does charge sends over the phone. Other stores may have a better selection too because this location usually does not get as much designer stuff.
  6. Net a Porter 75 % off including Mulberry bags starting tomorrow!
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