Post *ANTHROPOLOGIE* codes/sales here!

  1. thanks for the info Cloud and lavendar. That's news to me. Cool that they do online coupon codes, too. Wish they had free shipping codes, though. Considering majority of their stuff is severely overpriced to begin with. I don't think even 15% off is enough of a discount.

  2. I agree, and was thinking this. I spent my birthday coupon on ONE shirt, and many people go crazyyyy with their coupon for their birthday, but when my one shirt was $78, that's all i could really get.
  3. Yea unfortunate it's so expensive! Cute stuff but quality eh
  4. Free Express (domestic) shipping over $50!

    enter ANTHRO at checkout

    valid until 12pm EST on Thurs May 5
  5. Of course I just placed an order before reading this :push:
  6. it actually doesn't work. i called customer service, and they told me they accidentally sent it to their anthropologie customers, when it was really for their sister site memebers, Terrain. the girl said they will upgrade all anthro customers to 2-day express shipping if they called customer service, but you still have to pay for the standard shipping ($8.95).
  7. Yay, thanks for sharing!
  8. the code didn't work for me! any suggestions? thanks! :smile:

  9. ^code didn't work
  10. i think that code is only for Terrain
  11. Just called they applied the code and got the fs
  12. ^i called twice and spoke to two different reps and they wouldn't honor the FS code. =(
  13. ^ugh. That sounds so typical of inconsistent UO customer "service".
  14. Hi, sorry everyone!!! I got this email and didn't read it carefully, I just saw it was from Anthropologie and the code said ANTHRO ... I read the fine print and didn't mention this new site (whatever it is) booo! I actually hadn't tried to make a purchase yet. What a bummer ...
  15. Hi! Just got an email--additional 25% off sale items online and in stores. Online code is summer