Post *ANTHROPOLOGIE* codes/sales here!

  1. ms_ponky, is there a code to get the free shipping? I am on their email list, but did not get this email. If you have a link, I would really appreciate it! I have been waiting for some sort of discount to buy a rug from them!
  2. You just need to sign up for the anthro card for the free shipping.
  3. I am already signed up for the anthro card. Is the free shipping just for new card holders? If so maybe my DH needs a card:smile:
  4. No, the free shipping should show if your order is over $150. I'm assuming you linked your anthro account and online account together.
  5. Thanks,ozmodiar! It worked:yahoo:
  6. FREE SHIPPING RIGHT NOW! I put some stuff in my cart and when I went to checkout, saw that they're offering free standard shipping!
  7. From now through Thursday, March 31st, receive complimentary return shipping for shoes when you use the SmartLabel located on your packing list. Shoe returns must be postmarked by Thursday, March 31st, and the SmartLabel must be used. This offer is only available domestically and cannot be applied to previous orders.
  8. Thank you!! Free shipping is the best.
  9. I got a birthday code for april bdays- not sure if it'll work for everyone, but its APRBDAY2011 for 15% off
  10. I attempted to use the code; however, the deduction didn't show up in my cart, even though I went through all of the stages. Although, I did not hit "submit order" on the final page
  11. huh, that's so weird, i got a birthday thing from anthro but it was 15% off only in store, no online!
  12. anyone else have luck with it?
  13. Same here. I also don't recall anyone else mentioning an online birthday code, either. Everyone who received the birthday coupon was only able to use it in the B&M stores. So this birthday code is new to me.
  14. There is a B&M coupon and an online code. I think most people get one or the other but I have read that some lucky ones have received both! I think the code might be linked to OP's anthro card so I don't think just anyone can use it. I hope this helps. :smile:
  15. The code is specific to your account so you can't use it unless they mailed you the code