Post *ANTHROPOLOGIE* codes/sales here!

  1. They have a ton of cute stuff online.... but shipping costs are crazy overprice! I was hoping someone might have some free shipping coupon codes. Thanks! :smile:
  2. Anthropologie never has codes.
  3. agree with Redsox, Anthro never does code. I guess they think the affluent 30-40 year olds that they say is their target customer can afford to pay their high shipping
  4. Agreed . . . unfortunately, they NEVER have coupon codes. :sad:
  5. I also notice many times that their products are inflated price-wise. I have seen their shoes elsewhere in the same style and the price can be greatly different. For example one pair was $79.99 and I saw them on a internet retailer for $54.95. That is too inflated and you know by the price point they aren't great shoes anyway.
  6. no free shipping codes, but, ot, they did offer free gift wrapping last x-mas (REALLY caught me by surprise). it's usually $4 per item!
  7. Nice to remember^^
  8. Anyone have any Anthroplogie codes?
  9. I'd like to know also....anyone?
  10. I've never seen an Anthro code before, I don't think they exist.
  11. ^ Thanks for the reply.
  12. I've only seen free shipping codes but not for a while. But in the store they usually run 20% or more discount on sale items during holiday weekends, i.e., labor day, etc. I'm lucky enough to have 2 stores in my area. I love Anthropology.
  13. I receive their newsletter, but only for a little while now, I'm waiting for some discounts! lol I went ahead and bought my top anyways. and YES! you are very lucky...I have nowhere to shop where I live, so everything is online for me sadly.
  14. Hello....

    I was wondering if anyone has any Anthropologie coupons. POssibly a F&F?
  15. I haven't seen any codes, but I know tonight midnight they start free shipping.