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  1. Thank you so much!
  2. Thank you everyone for the Pigalle sizing advice. I may just have to order a few sizes (ugh) but at least I've narrowed it down!
  3. Thanks for the advice hermosa! So hard to let those balotas go. They style is TDF!
  4. Does anyone know the sizing on Sonietta flats. And the Monocronona high heel strappy spiked sandal?

    I'm a 7.5 US sizes

    38.5 --Rolandos
    36.5 --Pigalle 120s
    36.5 Helmuts
  5. Hi there, they were black patent not nappa. Sorry. =(

  6. I know, they really are. But at the same time you're not going to wear shoes that are too big for you so they'd be a waste anyway
  7. Any info on how the galia espadrilles fit???
  8. Thanks for the info, shoeaddictklw! Maybe I'll just go ahead and order the 39's as well and just return whatever doesn't fit!
  9. Hey everyone I have never worn CL before an i was wondering how the lady Daf 160 platform pumps ( mary jane style) are suppose to fit. I am normally a US size 8 ans i have narrow width feet. HELP!!!!!!!:shrugs::confused1:
  10. Hi everyone,
    I need some sizing help regarding the Halte 100. There is a pair available in 36.5 and I wonder if they gonna fit.

    US size: 5.5
    Width: narrow

    Pigalle 120: 36
    Lady Lynch 120: 36.5

    Thank you
  11. My Halte are half size up from my Pigalle 120 so they should be ok.
  12. Thank you very much :smile:
  13. Looking to buy some Bianca 120's, and Bibi's, but I;m wondering about the size. I'm 39 in Pigalle 100, which size should I take in the two mentioned above??

  14. Same size in Bibi, I size half size down in the Bianca 120 but I have to do alittle stretching before I can wear them out.
  15. ^^ I second what Annie the Cat says!

    I am a 39.5 in Pigalle 100 and Bibi, and I wear a 39 in Bianca.