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  1. What size should i get for angelique? I'm usually a US size 8 but once in a while i can fit a 7.5.
  2. Hello lovely ladies can someone please help me with sizing?
    I ordered a spiked pigalle 100mm but now I'm thinking they aren't going to fit.

    I'm a US 7 with somewhat wide feet. I'm a 7.5 in open CLs and 38 in closed.
    37.5 in Biancas, VPs, LPs, Ambers
    38 in clichy, new simple, Altadama, all CL flats, MBBs
    39 rolando
    However I'm a 37.5 in the pigalle Plato 120mm so I ordered based off of that. Totally forgot I had tried on a denim spike 100mm that came out ~2 yrs ago in 37.5 and that was too right lengthwise.
    Someone tell me the new spikes do not fit like those? :sad: :sad:
  3. Hi ladies. Can I get some sizing help with Lady Peeps?

    I am a size US 7.5 and usually between 37.5-38 in CLs

    Pigalle 120: 36.5
    Lady Lynch/Helmour: 37
    Fifi/Filo: 37.5
    Horatio Sling: 37.5
    Decollete 868: 38
    Corneille: 38

    Do you think I could fit into a 37.5 in patent leather material?

    Thank you!
  4. Hey has anyone had any experience with Panama fabric? Does it move at all??? I know what my size is but I always need a bit of stretch in the toe box. What IS that anyway? The material?
  5. Hi Ladies !

    Any advice on pivichic 120 ? would 1/2 size down work ?

    TIA !
  6. Hi ladies,
    Does anyone remember how the Biba Frou runs? Can I go down half a size from my TTS CL?

    Thank you! :smile:
  7. Hi ladies I need help here are my shoes:
    Us 8.5-9 in American shoes
    39 - simple 90mm
    38.5 greissimo suede
    39.5 piou piou patent leather
    38.5 no prive could have done 39 too

    I was hoping someone could suggest the new pigalle leather 100 with elastic in back sizing help. I am buying online and it's pre order so I want to get it right.
    I was thinking 39?

    Thanks !!
  8. My TTS is US6, I wear a 36.5-37 in Chanel, 36 in Manolos, 36 in just about any other designer except Louboutin. I'm considering the Pigalle patent 85mm OR the Batignolles skid leather 100mm, what size should I get for each? TIA!
  9. #38 is Particule 100mm
    #39 is the Fifo 120mm
    #41 is Bantingnolles 100mm

    Please help me with my size. My normal US size 7. Average wide feet. Never have or try on Louboutins before. I have 3 pairs on sale waiting for me to proceed with payment. Please ladies help me should i go TTS, size up or down. Thanks a millions ladies.
  10. Hi Ladies,

    Long time no see...

    If my VP size is 36.5/37... Can I do Pigalle 120 in a 36?

    I have quite wide feet and my heels tend to slip out regardless, so I prefer that the front of my foot is *more* comfortable and then pad..

    I hope someone can help me as I'm fearful I may need a 35.5...
  11. Hey M

    I have wide feet as well and cannot wear P120 regardless of size. My feet spilled out the sides of the shoe (in a 35) but I had a finger's width in the back. If I had gone down to a 34.5 which would fit length-wise, I would have half the ball of my foot hanging out. I wouldn't rec P120 for wide feet unless you try them on and they work.
  12. Oh cry cry cry!

    Tbh I don't think I can walk in them either.. I can't remember if I tried a piggie 120 in a 36.5 or 36 but remember them being a bit big still. I'm hoping it was a 36.5 and that the 36 could be padded to make it fit more comfortably.
  13. I'm sorry I can't help with your sizing question. But would you mind letting me know where you ordered these? I've been trying to hunt down Pigalle spikes in black nappa in the 100mm heel height. Thx!
  14. Hi Ladies - any advice on how the PAULINA 100mm fit? I'm generally a 37 in Pigalle 100mm and 37 in VP's. Should I take the same size? Thx!
  15. Sizing advice, please...

    Looking to buy Pigalle 100's

    - Generally a 7.5 with a wide foot
    - 38.5 fits perfectly in VP/NP, Ron Ron

    Can't fin my size locally to try on. Am I a 37.5? 38?