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  1. I went up half a size in my Louboutin sneakers. I’m a true 9 in all my louboutins but purchased a 9.5 in my sneakers so I can wear them with socks.
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  2. I need help on sizing CL Loubi Kraft Pigelle Follies 100 (PVC). Do they run bigger, smaller, or the same as Patent Leather PF's 100's?

    Thanks :smile:
  3. Hi ladies, I just went to my local Loubi store. My normal “other brand” size ranges 36 to 36.5, but I define my true to size as 36.5. I find that the Pigalle patent leather 100mm is true to size for me (36.5), the décolleté 554 100mm in patent leather is half size smaller (36) - but I can do 36.5 with toe pad + heel liner but the very new prive platform 120mm in patent is half size larger (37).

    Hope this helps whoever is shopping the current range online. I think it is best to try in person. The sizing down for Decollete 554 is a big surprise for me. But very pleasant because at half a size smaller it has a cute short toe box length like the Pigalle in size 36.5 but the awesome tapered heel that makes the décolleté so special!
  4. Hi everyone,

    I am in Canada and am hoping to a pair of suede Decollete 85mm for my wedding. Unfortunately, the only place I've seen them is Bergdorf Goodman online and the smallest is a size 35. I have two pairs of the patent Simple Pump 85mm in size 34.5 that fit perfectly. Would the size 34 Decolette be too large? I've read that you should size down for Decollete, is that true? Being in Canada, it'll be a huge hassle to return them to Bergdorf's if they don't work so any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you.
  5. Hello fellow Louboutin lovers. I would like to get some advice on sizing for So Kates please from the experts in this forum. Following the guidelines in the first post here is my info:

    Normal US size - 9.5
    Foot width - average to wide
    CLs I already own - Decollete black Jazz - 40, Iowa Zeppa black patent - 40.5, Fernando - 40, Pigalle 120 black patent (original straight heel style) - 38.5.

    The Decollete's are my most comfortable and best fitting of all the above, followed by the Iowa Zeppa's then the Pigalle's, and last the Fernando's. This may be TMI, but more days than not, I experience some heel slipping with my Pigalle's, but I don't think my foot would squeeze into a size 38. However there are some days when my feet might be a little swollen and the Pigalle's feel tight. I have never experienced heel slipping with the Decollete's.

    I hope I have provided enough information to help with a sizing recommendation. If any additional information is needed please let me know. Thank you all in advance for you help.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
  6. I am having the same issue. I am a true 34. Not sure if Décolleté runs big! Can’t you order from the CL website?
  7. Hi ladies could you help me with the
    Degrastrass sizing I wear a 38.5 in lady peep (38.5 is my true size)
    I was wondering if I should half size up on these particular shoes since the toes are on display through the plastic I don’t want them to look squished but also worry about heel slippage
  8. I want to make a girlfriend a gift Pigalle Follies 100 or 120.
    Or even so Kate 120.
    Now she has Lady Peep 39.5.
    What size to buy? In the size chart on the first page, these models are missing.
  9. 1E56279B-B9EF-46AC-A7EE-3E330E46AF73.png Hi ladies,

    Please could you help me with sizing for CL Bip Bip Trainers (sneakers). I’m usually a size US7.5/EU38/UK5 in most shoes but I wear a US 8 in my Pigalles and Décolleté 554 but I get a little heel slippage, so could probably have gone TTS.

    Do you know if the sneakers run TTS or if I should size up or down. I find converse sneakers or round toe flats are sometimes a little short in the toe box and my toes touch the end when I walk so usually end up with half a size up.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    I’ve attached a photo of the ones I’m hoping to bid on. These are a US7.5/EU38/UK5.

    Kind regards x
  10. I am a 38 in decollette, 38.5 in pigalles and I have the bip bip in 38.
    I am a UK5 US 7.5 to sometimes 8
  11. I am a US size 9 with medium width ft and purchases two sizes a 39 and a 40 and will send one pair back. The 39 fits heel to toe but is really tight at toe area. The 40 is a little loose on the heel and slightly less tight on toe. I am not sure which to keep the 39 or 40. Do i just break in the 39 and it will fit better or keep the 40 or will the slight space on my heel increase once they are broken in. Its not so lose now that it comes off or anything but afraid once broken it it may be a bigger gap and look bad. I can probably add a heel pad . Not sure what size to keep please help
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    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and to the CL world.
    I am wondering if I should give up on finding a pair of So Kates that fit properly . I don't know seasons in the pairs I have; I got all of them from consignment places .
    I am usually a solid 8.5 M in other brands; 9 in pointy-toe shoes (I have chicken nugget toes ). I'm a 40 in Aldo, 8.5/9 in other brands.

    As far as CL, I have a pair of Pigalles Follies, 120 mm, nude-ish with multicolor spikes, size 39. Toe box is tight, but not unbearable; the bigger problem with those is that they slip off my heel frequently. I have a pair of SK, 150mm i think, matte neon pink with a white patent heel, 39.5. I can get my feet in them and walk fairly well for a while, but toe movement is extremely limited. I just got a pair of SK decoltish, a cork look with gold accents throughout, 40.5. Gorgeous! But the toe box is freakishly narrow. My left foot (the longer foot) gets in the shoe fine but it is tight. I can move those toes. My RIGHT foot, however (the wider foot) can barely get in the shoe at all. I'm so annoyed because I love them, but they are just too tight. Should I size up again, or are So Kates just too narrow for chicken nugget toes? 20190106_184151.jpg
  13. Hello!
    I have a quick question about Pigalle Follies. I have all sorts of heels and boots from CL, but no Pigalle Follies yet! I was anti-pointed toe heels for the longest time. I've somewhat converted and am looking to buy my first pair of Pigalle Follies. It sounds like a lot of people are going up half a size from their CL sizing. Is this right? I'm a 37.5 in CLs. Should I size up to a 38 for Pigalle Follie?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  14. Hi and congratulations for becoming converted on pointy toes , I personally think it's better to wear pointy toe pumps on the snug side so the toes form there own support in the toe area and this helps limit the feet sliding forward and causing the arch of your foot not to contour to the instep, but I know not all people will cope with the breaking in period but also if your not used to pointy toe pumps they will feel strange at first even if you size up .5 , good luck and enjoy .
  15. Does anyone have any experience with the ostri sling? I’m looking at a pair but they’re a half size smaller than the pair I wear in so Kate’s. My so mates are actually a bit large. I have heel slippage but they’re barely wide enough so I’m wondering if the ostri is narrower? I also have the tchicaboum and those are wide enough at a full size smaller than my so kates.