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  1. I don't have So Kate booties, but I have two pairs of Zermadames which are quite similar. I'm pretty consistently a 39 in Louboutins, but I have one pair in a 39 and the other in a 39.5. The larger size is definitely more comfortable, especially as I like to wear thin socks. The extra room is negligible lengthwise but the extra room at the instep is so much better for me. Don't worry about heel slippage, as they're boots. I think you'll be just fine with the 39.5!
  2. Hi! I’m looking at getting my first pair of CL’s for my birthday but I’m torn in sizing. I’ll be getting the Pigalle 100 in black patent. I’m a US size 7.5 in all my heels and shoes. I have normal width feet (not narrow but not wide. Converse are comfortable for me after a few wears if that helps). Unfortunately I’m not located near any stores that carry CL in store. Should I go with a 37.5 or size down half a size to 37? I don’t mind doing any exchange if necessary but I’d like to get it right the first time if possible LOL
  3. Hi, I'm after some advice for sizing of the CL Crossfliketa 100. I'm usually a 35.5 in CL (cross blake, tchicaboum) but there is only a 35 in Crossfliketa available on my local site. Does it run any different in terms of width? My feet tend to be a bit wider at the front
    I tried Decolette in 35 and the width is a bit tight but length ok.
    Thank you!
  4. I wanting to buy these boots but I'm not sure what size to get. I wear a 36 1/2 in Simples in napa leather and 37 Simples in patent leather.
    Does anyone own these? Should I size up to the 37 so I have room for socks?
  5. Hi I am US 7.5 to US 8
    38 fits me but I prefer 38.5
  6. Thanks for the advice! I ended up getting both the 39 and 39.5 and tried them on for several days to see which one would work out best. I kept the 39s and ended up returning the 39.5 because they started to stretch into a more snug 39.5 after a couple of wears and walking on carpet. I feel more secure in the 39s compared to the rolling/wobbling effect the 39.5 gave at first try. I’m sure the 39.5 would have stretched into a 40 which would have made them too big after a few wears.
  7. In my opinion, I’d rather have a tighter shoe than have heel slippage because even with a 100mm heel, I’d be afraid that my ankle may roll since my foot isn’t gripping the shoe. However, if it feels too tight to the point of having pain, then I would either size up and use the inserts and be extremely careful while walking or try on another pair of 36 and 36.5 of that shoe. Remember, just because it’s the same shoe in the same size, it doesn’t mean that they will fit the same. Each shoe is hand crafted and will have a few millimeters to a few centimeters of a difference even though they are technically the same size. I just bought a pair of so kate booties and the right side is a couple centimeters longer than the left foot. I tried on another pair of the same size in the same shoe and that also had a length difference but felt much better when walking. If you see a pair you like, always ask to see if they have another pair of the shoe in the same size. The SAs who are extremely knowledgeable about CL shoes will know exactly why you want to try on the same pair of the same size. Most louboutins shoes are never equal to their counterpart. I have many CLs that have one shoe longer than the other even though they are all size 39. No CL is ever exactly the same.
  8. Getting it right the first time around is like trying to find a needle in a haystack (for me anyway) lol. I wear a size US 9 and took a size 39 in the few pairs of pigalles I own. I have tried sizing up half a size like the Louboutin website suggests but that actually gave me heel slippage when walking. Loubs are meant to be worn like gloves (uncomfortable gloves) on your feet. They should feel snug and your feet should be secure while walking. Patent leather also doesn’t stretch too well for me but that’s only because I don’t wear these shoes often. I have heard that when you wear them all the time, they’ll start to mold and conform to your feet so just keep these things in mind when deciding on a size.
  9. I need help on the Pigalle Plato 100 (patent) sizing please. I'm deciding between 34 and 34.5.

    My size reference:
    - Pigalle 85 (patent): 34.5 (35 about 1/2 size large for me, with insole cushions they felt fine and don't slip)
    - Decollete 554 (patent) 100: 34.5 - still 1/2 size large for me
    - Iriza 70 (patent): 34 but still 1/2 size large for me , however 34 is their smallest size

    For other brands pumps, I'm a 34 for Manolo Blahnik Hangisi and Gianvito Rossi, 34.5 for Manolo Blahnik BB pumps 105, 35 for Valentino.
    Thanks a lot!
  10. If the pigalle 85mm is a perfect fit in the 34.5, I would get either the same size and use sole inserts as the shoes start to stretch and mold to your feet or a half size down and use the sock method to break them in if they feel too tight in the toe box in the 100mm. The 100s have a higher heel therefore have a higher arch and steeper incline. This makes your feet slide forward which can give you a heel gap and cause heel slippage. I take all my closed toe 100s in a 39 because the 39.5 gives me heel slippage immediately after one wear.
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  11. Thank you! I have the pigalle 85mm in the size 35 and they were about 1/2 size big on me, so I put insoles in and they fit perfectly, that's why I thought my true size for them would be 34.5.
    Wondering with the plato 100, because of the front platform, the heel arch would be similar to the pigalle 85?
  12. I believe the heel is longer with the 100 because of the platform and therefore will feel like walking on 100 instead of 85. I would personally get the 34.5 and see how they feel. If they are way too tight, I would exchange them for the 35 and use inserts.
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  13. Ohhh I see. That's a good insight! I haven't owned any Loubs with platforms so I don't know. Thank you! I'll go for 34.5 with insoles (if they're still a bit big) then, for more comfort! Thank you again!
  14. You’re welcome.
  15. hello, it's my first time to buy Louboutin slip-on sneakers. I am between 6 and 6.5 but i am mostly size 6 in designer brands. In CL simple pumps i am 6.5 but in their peep toe pumps i am size 6. what size should i get? thanks!