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  1. Does anyone know anything about the sizing for pre-2013 flats? The Pigalle sizing is way bigger than it is now, but is that true for flats as well? I'm eyeballing a pair of Lucifer Bow flats, but if they're similar to the new sizing then there's no chance at all!
  2. Hi everyone! I just bought a Lace 554 Decolette 100mm in black today.. I am usually a size 37 but I bought a size 36.
    The 36.5 gives me heel slippage on my left foot. Now that I'm trying the 36 it feels tight. I'm thinking of exchanging it for the 36.5 but the heel slippage is kinda annoying.

    I bought a size down as the lace is not as tight as the leather ones..

    Any input will be appreciated! Thanks in advance xx
  3. Keep in mind the Rete/Lace WILL NOT STRETCH. So if they are tight now, they will be tight forever. So its up to you if you want the shoe to be tight or you will have to go back to the 36.5 and add a heel grip or half insole. The Decollete usually fits 1/2 size smaller from true CL size so I would say that the 36.5 would be the correct size but again its up to you if you want to add an insole/grippy or taking the 36 and it being tight
  4. I am looking at buying the fifi botta ready for Autumn / winter these would be my first boots from Louboutin. I usually take a 40.5 for so kates and pigalles I have large calves. Hows the sizing for these boots in the foot and calf area? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all!!!

    Looking to buy my first pair of Louboutins ❤️ I went to a local store and tried on a few styles, but I’m still struggling to pick just one and in the correct size.

    I am usually an 8 or 8.5. In Tory Burch Reva flats, I wear an 8.5. In Nine West heels, I typically take an 8. My Birkenstocks are size 38. I have an average width foot with a narrow heel. I typically gravitate to a more rounded toe because it is more flattering on me.

    CLs I have tried on:
    *New Simple patent 100mm - size 38.5 (felt super snug, no heel slippage)
    *Simple patent 100mm - size 39 (felt comfortable, but heel popping out occasionally when walking)
    *Décolleté patent 100mm - sizes 38.5 and 39 (heel was too high and shoe was so narrow and uncomfortable - HATED these!)
    *Jumping patent 100mm - size 38.5 (felt snug but okay)

    I am trying to decide between the New Simple patent 100mm, Breche patent 85mm, and the Merci Allen patent 85mm. I’m looking for a classic, basic, and moderately comfortable shoe that will be a good wardrobe staple. Any advice on sizing for those three? Can’t seem to find any info or reviews on the Breche and MA.

    Thank you!!!!
  6. Hi, please could you help with the sizing for the Jonatina 100? My true non-CL size is 38 and I have narrow feet. My So Kate size is 37.5 but they are very tight in patent so maybe should have got 38 but worried I would get heel slippage. Should I get Jonatina in a size 38 or 38.5? Thanks!
  7. Please help me! I'm trying to get to the 17th Floor!
    I absolutely love these CLBs called 17th Floor , but the only available pair is in a size 37. Neiman's says order a half size up. But has anyone actually tried them on? Can I get away with a full size up?
  8. Looking to hear for someone who has tried on a pair of New Very Prive heels in 100mm heel. Know CL have changed their fits in various styles in recent times but not see if this is one that fits into that category.

    I’m usually a size 41 but the toe box on the 41s is so tight. I know I can stretch them but would prefer to start with the best size first. The 42s are too long and there are no 41.5s to try near me but I’m worried 41.5 might be too long as well.

    I called the Las Vegas store yesterday and the lady was very kind in measuring both the 41.5 and 42 length and she said the 41.5 is 11&1/2 inches long and the 42 is 11&3/4 inches long but I’ve got the 41s in front of me and I keep getting a length of 10 inches long so not sure how she was measuring the length!

    Has anyone with size 11 feet bought these heels recently and gone up a half size? Is the length ok? Looking for a friend!!

    Thanks guys!
  9. Hi ladies

    I’m posting this question here because I need an urgent answer, in the sizing thread others have asked questions from June/July and no one has answered them.

    I’m hoping for some help on the SK
    I have the old Pigalle in size 37.5 120mm and lady peep in 38.5 I’m ordering online and I’m not sure what size to order I have short chubby toes but the part past my toes is quite broad.. Do I get a 38 or 38.5 in patent SK? Im so confused as the feedback when I do a general search is a mixed bag

    My general and flat shoe size is a tight 38 or perfect Fit 38.5

    Please help

  10. I’m a 37 in the old Pigalle 120 and 38 in Lady Peep. I have patent So Kate’s in 38 and 38.5 but the 38.5 have a slight bit more room so if I had to guess, you would be a 38.5 or 39.

    Hope this helps!
  11. Thank you so much for replying to me hun xx
  12. I am looking at buying a pair of Tuba tall boots. I wear a 36 1/2 in Simples in calf leather or 37 In Simples in patent leather. I was thinking maybe a 37 1/2 in the Tuba boots so I have room for socks. Are Tuba true to size or can I size up? Also are the calf circumference cut smaller or true to size? I'm a runner and I have bigger calves.
  13. I would size up. I have larger calves and the Tubas fit.
  14. Hey guys!!! I have my eye on the so full kate ankle booties (new to 2018) and I’m not sure about sizing. My nearest retailer only carries them in the silver fabric in store and I am looking for the black nappa leather pair that is only sold online. I ordered the black in a size 39 and they were tight. My toes were almost hitting the tip of the shoe and the back of my foot was extremely snug at the heel of the shoe. I have tried wearing them with thin socks because that is my intention with these boots. I feel like I am slipping a bit but the back of my heel is still touching the heel of the shoe while my big toe can almost feel the tip of the shoe. Because the Louboutin website suggests to go a half size up in this style, I decided to return the 39 and order the 39.5. Well, I finally found a pair of 39.5 in the silver fabric and it fit ok (it didn’t feel as secure as the leather pair in a size 39 and I felt like I had a bit of room and with thicker socks, it could work). The only problem is, fabric doesn’t stretch. The boots I want are encrusted with spikes, and I’m afraid of stretching them out too much. I haven’t tried on the black pair in a 39.5 since they haven’t arrived yet but how much will Napa leather stretch??? I have average width feet with long toes. Should I have kept my original size especially if nappa will stretch? If it stretches, will my feet slip forward, giving me a heel gap? I have a few pairs of loubs... pigalle follies patent 100mm Sz 39 (fit but toes are scrunched if I don’t use the sock method before wearing them out/no heel slippage... 39.5 gave me heel slippage), circus city 100mm gold silk/leather Sz 39 (fit like a glove), so Kate’s patent 120 Sz 39.5 (gives me heel slippage), pigalle follies patent 120mm Sz 39.5 (gives me heel slippage), and Baretta spike pumps kid leather Sz 39.5 (I can fit my finger at the back of my heel therefore it’s too big). If anyone knows about so full kate booties or any other Louboutin boot that is similar in style (has them/tried them on) please advise!
  15. I’ve bought some purple suede Daffodile online (stupid I know having never seen a pair of Loubs in the flesh & therefore not tried them for sizing ) but now I’m panicking a bit. I have bought a size EU38.5 which says it’s a 5.5 in the U.K. I’m generally a 5-6 dependant on the brands - cheap shoes I usually have to size up - and my feet measure exactly 25cm from heel to the top of the longest toe. Have I buggered myself with these? I’m not even confident in heels lol so I’ll probably snap my ankles but I was desperate to make my first CL purchase I’ve since also been looking at some Pigalle either the 85 or 100 heights and have noticed a lot of comments about these being really tiny too. Sooo my question is am I best do you think getting a 39/39.5 (or bigger??) in both of these styles? My feet aren’t super skinny but they’re not bulky either. The daffodils haven’t been shipped yet so I could possibly cancel that purchase if there’s no way they’ll fit. Thanks in advance for any assistance