Post a picture (or list) of your OTHER current toki collection (non-bags)

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  1. Since we talked about it in the other thread here and I didn't see a thread started and I finished my list of stuff... I decided to aid in the effort and start one... so start posting ladies! :yahoo:

    My Toki Stuff picture maaaaaaaybe posted sometime soon but don't hold your breath :lol:

    Clothes (might possibly change after SDCC when I visit the Tokidoki Booth)
    - Sandy Hoodie (M)
    - Latte Hoodie (M)
    - White Button Up (M)
    - Black Button Up (M)
    - Yellow Loves Me Tank (M)
    - Pink Sandy Collage Shirt (L)
    - Pink Latte Shirt (M)
    - Olive Diavoletti shirt (M)
    - Black Bunny Shirt (M)
    - Rocketeer Shirt (L)
    - Momo bella stones in Dingi White (L)

    Clothes I have but need a diff size
    - Felpalogo (aka Small Stones) in Storm (have M need L)
    - Momo Tank (have L need M)

    - 15" Circus Punk
    - 6" Circus Punk
    - Mozzarella
    - Moofia (3): Big Bottle Milk Jug, Japanese Milk, Low Fat Milk
    - Sandy Vinyl
    - Sabochan Vinyl
    - Cactus Love Set
    - 3" Dunny
    - Trexis (4): Ninja Girl, Blue Spade, Mafioso, and Fantasmino
    - All Lesportsac Metallic Qees except for the Green Dog

    - Dolcissima Lip Gloss
    - Modella Eye Shadow Quad
    - Stellina Mirror

    - Bastardino Necklace
    - Rainbow Necklace
  2. I only have three bags..sadness:sad:
    BUT..I would love any of the toys especially cactus friends set..sandy..mozerella..
    And I love the Toki shirts all of them!! I also love the jewelry and any type of Lesportsac accessory:smile:
  3. Thanks for making the thread, Jenn. Sorry I was too tired last night hahahah. OK, so here's my list of non-bags.

    Shirts (XL)

    Moofia Minions
    -Japanese Milk
    -Choco Milk
    -2% Milk
    -Baby Bottle
    -Secret Milk
    >>>>>(Still missing other big ones & Bastardino)

    -Stellina Mirror
    -Playground Bracelet
    -Heart&Crossbones Pink dangle earrings

    -iPod mini TD Stars skin
    -White Adios Pen
    -All free stickers & lil girl w/ wand tattoo
    -Purple Cat Metallic Qee (from Sa)

    Had, but gave away.
    -Latte Necklace
    -Pink all-over shirt w/ girls

    ......i think that's it?

    Whoever has me: If you're having a hard time, here's a list of other small stuff I love just in case you need more help: food - Niblets chips, Arare (mochi crunch), Li Hing Mui Mango, BBQ masterpiece chips. Off-the wall stuff - anything w/ hearts on it, sharpies&bandaids...yes forrreal I'm weird and like sharpies&bandaids hahaahha. Any kind. I :heart: colors.

    OK, that's it LOL.

    tvstar, whoever has you -- has a really easy person to get stuff for ^__^ i hope you get alot of cool stuff :heart:
  4. uh.. non bags list:
    • toki smashbox eyeshadow quad, skin tint and dramaticca lipgloss
    • sandy necklace
    • costolla tee
    • adios star sticker
    • tokidoki dunny
    • mou mou from the moofia gang
    • moofia mozzarella
    • bastardino&polpettina love set
    • storm hoodie
    • all over print girl hoodie
    i want the pirate tee... grrr and the sandy vinyl.:drool:
  5. lol I don't really have much toki that is not bags:

    Adios Scoop Face long sleeve shirt (large) - I dunno why they gave this name to the shirt cuz it's not Adios .. it's the white nana star ...
    All Over Stones tee in white (large)
    All Over Small Stones tee in storm (medium)
    The Big Momo/Adios tee (medium .. wish I got large)

    Japanese Milk

    Sterling Silver Adios Star charm

    lol I guess I am kind of easy to shop for ... most of my collection is just bags .. I'm just starting to get into non-bag toki
  6. Aww..thank you!! I totally wanna keep the stuff I have bought my SS so!
  7. Non-Toki Bags...well, I have:

    Clothing (not a lot yet):rolleyes::
    • Adios Storm Hoodie
    • Adios Rocketeer T-Shirt
    • Pink Camo Hat
    Smashbox Collection (not pictured, cause I'm too lazy to grab it all out of my make-up case:nogood:):
    • Eye Shadow Quad (Modella & Celebrita)
    • Artificial Light
    • Lip Gloss (Drammatica & Dolcissima)
    • Skin Tint
    • Compact Mirror
    • Blush w/ brush
    • Milky Time for iPod video
    • Cactus Friends for iPod shuffle (not pictured, again too lazy to dig it out:p)
    • Sandy
    • Sabochan
    • Bastardino
    • Polpettina
    • Assorted Moofia (Soya, Leche, Choco, Bottle, Japan) with Latte on it's way home
    Below are 2 pics. First one is my "shelf of :supacool:" with the vinyls and camo hat. Second is of my only t-shirt and hoodie with iPod video.

    I *think* DH is getting me the Sandy necklace and Adios & Ciao Ciao vinyls for my B-Day next month. I know he ordered something from Just don't know what!:confused1:

    And I am still working on getting Mozzarella for as cheap as possible. And I still need Baby Bottle and 2% low fat milk too.
    DSC02693.JPG DSC02694.JPG
  8. :wtf: There's a GREEN one?!?!! Since when?!?!!
    I :love: green.. haha I know my SS knows that already (I love the pens and pencil!!)

    :roflmfao: Seriously.. I thought I was the only one!! :lol: hahaha *high fives* bandaids are awesome :supacool: Especially the colorful/character ones with neosporin already on it! :heart: I'm prone to small cuts and whatnot haha.

    Okay okay.. Topic topic topic.. Ah! Non-toki bag stuff:

    - ALL of the Moofia minions
    - Bastardino & Polpettina Love Set
    - some toki trexis

    Shirts (Sm) idk why I buy them, I dont usually wear tees
    - Rocketeer (Adios) tee
    - Momobella/Adios face tee
    - Adios Ribcage tee

    - Adios Star :biggrin:

    - Adios Flower 2nd gen iPod nano cover
    - Inferno/Paradiso uchiwa fan (NOT the print one)
    - signed Adios Star sticker..

    Picture later.. when I'm not lazy.. :biggrin:
  9. Here's my list:

    1. Eye shadow quad - Modella
    2. Lip gloss - Dolcissima
    3. Artificial light luminizing lotion - Flash Di Luce

    Women's - see picture (just 3 tees and 1 hoodie)
    Kid's - 1. Adios onesie
    2. Samba (gray monkey) onsie

    1. Pin packs - see picture

    2. All the metallic qees - silver & blue bears, silver & purple cats, and silver & green dogs.

    1. Adios and Ciao Ciao (still waiting)

    No jewelry yet, but I am not really into the jewelry. My collection is quite small. I want more tees. hehe.
  10. Qtiekiki - You reminded me that I also have the pin packs!! I have the 4th, 5th, and 6th pin packs!

    Getting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd would be nice :graucho:

    Hehe and I also have MOZZARELLA and ADIOS & CIAOCIAO on the way..

    And the Tokidoki stationary I ordered is being shipped at the moment!! :biggrin: (cant wait to get them!)
  11. Angelic*ruin just reminded me I have the lipgloss lolz...

    Dana, yayyy for us weirdos who love bandaids!!! Oh yeah, I have the stationary coming& journal still

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pinpacks!!! I still don't have those haha...I've been meaning to get them but ahh I can't find them on the island? or am i blind?
  12. Tokidoki clothing

    - Storm hoodie
    - Loves me not short sleeve hoodie
    - Momobella football shirt
    - Yellow Mozzarella shirt
    - Adios & Ciao Ciao shirt
    - Momobella/Adios face shirt

    Tokidoki Jewelry

    - Latte necklace
    - Fantasimo necklace
    - Momobella necklace
    - Playground bracelet
    - Sandy/Bastardino earring

    Tokidoki Accessories

    - Latte ipod case
    - Inferno/Paradiso uchiwa
    - Postcards signed by simone

    Tokidoki Vinyls

    - Bastardino/Polpettina love set
  13. ummmm what is the all over sandy tee?????
  14. Tokidoki clothing

    - latte hoodie
    - Loves me not short sleeve hoodie
    - sandy shirt
    - Yellow Mozzarella shirt
    - latte shirt

    Tokidoki Jewelry/Cosmetics

    - Pink Bullet necklace
    - Rainbow necklace
    - Stellina Mirror
    - Dolcissma lipgloss
    - Pink Purples eyeshadow quad

    Tokidoki Accessories

    - Latte ipod case (still on backorder, for the 30gb vid)
    - Inferno/Paradiso uchiwa
    - Postcards signed by simone

    Tokidoki Vinyls

    - Bastardino/Polpettina love set
    - All 8 moofia set
    - Sandy
    - Mozzarella
  15. Dana, where did you get your pin packs? I want to get more, but I have only seen it on the tokidoki site. The one I got were free with purchase from Metropark and they were not selling them.