Post a picture of your pet[s]!

  1. I love regular persians; I've always wanted an all white one. They're so pretty :biggrin:

    We were going to get a Persian before, but decided on a Himmy partly because we heard they had 'the temperment of a siamese & the fur of a persian' :p
  2. Here is Muñeco he is a 3 year old Lhasa Apso.
    1.jpg Muco 2.jpg Muco 4.jpg Muco 6.jpg
  3. this is my beloved son, Zeus. he is a 100 lb husky/chow mix. in this pic, he was laying on our deck in about 2 ft. of snow!
    zeus (3).jpg
  4. Here's my 2 month old Jug, her names Cocoa
    000_0524.jpg 000_0525.jpg 000_0526.jpg 000_0527.jpg
  5. Aww they are all so adorable, here are my babies, Omaha and Texas, it's an old photo but I just can't seem to get a good pic of them
  6. We have a guinea pig (Snickers), two gerbils (Albert and Edgar), and a Betta fish (Khalil) that belong to the kids-I don't have photos, unfortunately. But, my boys are pictured below. Jackson is the liver and white and Mace Windu is the orange and white roan.
    Jack thumb.JPG Mace thumb.JPG
  7. Aww I love seeing everyone's pets! BagFreak your puppy is adorable :p Anyway, here's a picture of my cat (I have two others as well). I was packing for an out of town trip recently, and he decided to try and go with me!
    Tux in Suitcase.jpg
  8. Heres a few bad pics of my leucomelas dart frogs, they dont want to sit still for photo ops. I have 3.

  9. Here's my 2 dogs: the chihuahua is Coco & the pitbull is Mohogany. I also have an Igunua but he's sleeping in his home I can't get a really good pic..I'll post pics of him/her later.
  10. Thanks!:flowers: Your cats are soooo cute too!:love:

    The marbled Bengal is a boy - he weighs 14lbs (all muscle, no fat)

    The smaller spotted one is a female and she weighs around 9lbs, she's tiny!

    They are brother and sister (always cuddling and play fighting) and are 16 months old.:smile:
  11. piccies of my little ones too :smile:
    Mr Big

    Lottie, Mr Big, and Biba's ears!!


    and my Milly
  12. I love Milly's face! Sweet girl.
  13. Oh chloe-babe, your babies are SO cute!
  14. Awww Chloe Babe, they look so adorable sleeping together. Mine used to snuggle like that when they were younger but now they never do. I kind of miss it, it was such a sweet sight.
  15. Here is a picture of my cat. She's a Calico. Her name is Amalee...
    (pronounced like Emily but with an A). I adopted her when she was one. She's now almost 4 :heart:

    amalee1.jpg amalee2.jpg amalee3.jpg