Post a picture of your pet[s]!

  1. I took a few pictures of my cat Blueberry yesterday. I thought they were too cute I just had to share hehe :biggrin: He's a blue point Himalayan; turned 4 a little over a month ago.

    Does anyone else have pets? I'd love to see pictures;)
    DSC04384.JPG DSC04385.JPG DSC04386.JPG
  2. Your kitty is just too cute!:love:
  3. Your blue point kitty is so cute! Out of curiosity, how much does he weigh? My cat is now 10lbs. His father was 25lbs so I wanted to see if this was normal! Here are photos of my kitty, who is a male persian. These photos were taken when he was 4 months old. :love:

    Tammy, I've always wanted a pug!!! I decided that if I ever had one I would name him either "Dante" or "Doug" - aka. "Doug the Pug!" :lol:
    kitty6monthss.JPG kitty24weeks.JPG
  4. Here's the latest one of my two Bengal cats, taken 2 days ago:P
    They are brother and sister and all they do is sleep!!!:lol:
    safs horus cuddles.jpg
  5. Cute kitty! :yes:
    I used to have a blue persian, he sadly passed away 4 years ago..:sad:
  6. OMG Ice your kitty is gorgeous! Growing up I had Siamese cats and loved them. I always wanted a Himalayan but hubby doesn't like them so we got regular persians instead! Simply beautiful!
  7. Mine is my signature picture~~his name is CHOCO, 1 yr and 3 mths old~
  8. So cute! I love seeing pet pictures :nuts:

    Here is a picture of Fat Mike in the linen closet of my old house (he's also the kitty in my avatar), and of my other cat, El Hefe :heart:


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  9. chicky, your cats are so gorgeous!!! I've got a female bengal as well. Your marbled bengal looks really cute. Are they the same age? The spotted looks so small, is she the female? :smile:
  10. These are the most recent photos of my little devils, Lucile is a begal and Ezekiel is a burmese cat.
    Ezekiel & Lucile 1.jpg Ezekiel & Lucile 2.jpg Ezekiel in dryer.jpg
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  11. This is my baby Simba. He just turned four in April.
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  12. ahhh Choco rocks in his fab little orange jacket. Such a cutie :biggrin:
  13. Here are some pics of my miniture dachshund mix, Ace. He's always chasing my friend's cat to annoy her. He's quite the character.

    Ace study.jpg

    Ace annoying Lily.jpg
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  14. Aw you all have such adorable pets :biggrin:

    I love Persians!! We were going to get an all blue or blue/white one before but my mom fell in love with the pointed colours.
    Blueberry just went in to the vet for a checkup last month..& he was about 11lbs. They said he was very healthy, & if anything he's just a little bit overweight. So I'm guessing 10lbs is ok.