Post a picture of your last meal.

  1. Last night my awesome SO (who loves to cook) made shrimp scampi..which by the way was delicious. I thought it'd be cool for you gals/guys to post a picture of your last meal.
    pasta1.JPG lukecooking.JPG prettysetting.JPG
  2. Oven BBQ chicken, and a salad ...

  3. ^ That looks yummy!!
  4. you all are making me so hungry.... :p That scampi looks....:drool:
  5. Sorry, I can't resist.......

    (OK,OK, I know....this is really gross. Not mine, BTW, it's from
  6. Really.....I am sooooooo sorry for that last one! I'm in a strange mood tonight. Sitting here cracking up right now.....
  7. ...[​IMG]
  8. hahah
  9. ....
  10. Thanks to that foul picture, I won't be looking at this thread again.
  11. yeah that kinds of ruins the thread.
  12. Sorry.:sad:

    Let's try is my last meal:


    Looove Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches!
  13. Sweetpea, the scampi looks yummy. I noticed your coffee cups by the stove, I used to have that exact same set of dishes...loved them!!!
  14. Ok you totally redeemed yourself. LOVE chick fil a!!! YUMMY!!
  15. Nice pictures!