Post #7000 is almost here and so is Christmas!!!! Help me choose a new Coach!!

  1. OMG!! Besides the fact that it is almost Christmas:nuts:, I have a PCE card :tup:and I'm just about at post #7000 :okay:Its time to celebrate!!!!:drinkup::party:I'm really getting excited to get a brand new bag:yahoo:!! I want all of your suggestions along with pics. May sound crazy but out of all of your suggestions I will choose the best bag of your choices to be my next.!!
    Post away my Coachies!! :ty: in advance!!!:cutesy:
  2. YAY kimmie!!!! Post 7000? hehe..I am almost at 1000, I bet I will hit it by New Year's and I've only been a member for a month! :smile:

    I'm going after the chocolate signature bleecker duffle (medium) for my PCE gift but I was also looking at the ink blue leather since it is so different.

    Are you after a certain color scheme or style? You already have so much stuff I forget what niche you haven't filled yet... :smile:
  3. I think for Christmas you should go all out, how about a Lily.... :graucho:
  4. LOL! You'll be at 7000 too by New years!! I love your choices cant wait to see what you get:nuts:
    Im thinking no certain color scheme. I sold lots from my collection to make room for the new. Guess the only thing I dont want to add is more Carlys........I've got 3 already:push:
    Im totally open to all suggestions even e-bay!:yes:
  5. Pics! Pics!:woohoo:
  6. oh god I drool everytime I look @ her...... this is def. MY dream bag.....


    (and w/PCE you'll be getting one heck of a deal!!!)
  7. what do u already have? do u have a carly? i think chili is gorgeous! leigh is a beautiful bag...
  8. Hmmmm....thanks girls! Havent decided yet. Keep-m' coming!
  9. I agree! Definately a Lily!!! And grab her w/PCE! I got mine during the September PCE and saved around $300!!! I love love love my Lily!! (mine's in whiskey, but love the black too!)

  10. ITA! Lily is so gorgeous!!! Or think about a Leigh -- my current love!

    And congrats on the almost-7000!
  11. another bag?! you lucky girl! im living vicariously through you! here you go: i love the flap on the hamptons and the leigh in juniper is TDF!
    11046_B4BK-1_d2.jpg 11128_B4JU-1_d2.jpg
  12. Does the Lilly come is signature?:nuts: