Post 10,000!!! Pictures of Mr and Mrs tPF

  1. Not that anyone should be surprised, but I reached 10,000 posts and figured I should share something with you all!!

    As you all know Vlad and I just got back from our jinxed ski vacation; where I broke my arm and he hurt his head and rear! But we did have a bit of time to pose for the camera :supacool: Enjoy the pics!



    Thanks for being a part of this wonderful community- we all :heart: you!!!
  2. Here's to 10,000 more posts! :drinkup:
  3. Congrats :yahoo:
    Cute pics!
  4. Congrats! Very cute pics....glad you guys are home safe and sound.
  5. Yay 10,000! You guys look so cuuttee :smile:
  6. Cute ! Thanks for sharing. I was hoping for a pic of your cast:p
  7. you guys are ridiculously cute!

    (soo...what bag you getting to celebrate the big 10k?! hehe)
  8. ^ No bag... just umm.... I bought some new face lotion today :shrugs:
  9. And Vlad doesn't like these pics, but I think he looks :girlsigh:

  10. gee, don't spoil yourself so much, megs! ;)
  11. Allison- maybe I need to pick something up for myself, or Vlad can for me, either or!!! Preferably OR :roflmfao:
  12. Congratulations Megs! You and Vlad look so cute, they are great photos.:yes: Thanks for sharing!

    I've actually been lurking for a while haha.. and this is my first post:yahoo:To the both of you - tPF truly is a wonderful community, thanks for keeping this forum running so smoothly... :flowers: I can't wait to get to know everyone here!
  13. cute!
  14. vlad needs to spoil you, megs! you are, after all, tpf queen! (and what better time than near valentine's to reiterate that?)
  15. Cute pics!! Congrats!!
    And, Megs, I love your hat! Where did you get it?