Possibly the most unneccessary (but gorgeous) item Chanel has ever made


Would you buy this?

  1. Yes! It must be my next purchase!

  2. If I was Ivana!

  3. Possibly *hand under chin*

  4. Ah, Hell to da No!

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  1. I was looking up Chanel under travel on ebay (I"m desperately searching for a duffle like the one Blkladylaw has :love: ) and I came across this Chanel travel kit. For almost as much as a classic flap, you too can have a Chanel pillow, socks, and sleeping mask. But it's *only* $499 on ebay! What a steal!
    chanel 1.jpg chanel 2.jpg
  2. I have this sort of fantasy where I travel across Europe on the Orient Express, swathed in (fake! :amazed: ) furs, diamonds and with a load of LV luggage, having glamourous liasons with a dark handsome exotic stranger.... and I now know which travel kit to take on my dream trip! :lol:

    Cx :nuts:
  3. that is one gorgeous travel kit.
    i would buy the bag and sleep mask for maybe $200, lol
  4. As a person who travels a lot, I say go for it!
  5. i saw that i was like wtf.....maybe like ^ she said for 200 i would....but 600 i would seriously need a sugar daddy....;)
  6. Ummmm, NO!!! :biggrin:
  7. I think you can get better designs...
  8. It looks kind of cheesy to me. :shame:
  9. Yep....good idea but not executed well...looks a bit cheesy. Now, maybe they should have included a small down travel pillow-case and/ or pillow AND a cashmere/pashmina baby throw and left out the blow-up neck thingy and silly-looking sox. The case would probably be larger but so what....THEN I'd buy it!
  10. I think it's very cute. Nice print.