possibly the last forestas in singapore...

  1. forestas are really hard to find in singapore now, never thought they'd re-surface but my friend was lucky to find these (last pieces) going at 20% off local retail price at the mall last week - a bambino and a bella.

    i've been bugging her to show me some pics... and she finally brought them to show me just now! i snapped some pics... here they are. she's not on TPF, so i'm sharing them on her behalf ;)

    i :heart::heart::heart: the bambino... it's so cute! so many monkeys and the cupid on such a small bag! eeks... lucky girl! her bella has got nice characters on the front too.

    i went to the same mall last night, but no more small forestas, only one nuvola :sad:
    bambino1.JPG bambino2.JPG bella.JPG
  2. Congrats to your friend!!

    I love the bella!! Theres the monkey in the front and the water scene in the back!! I :love: the water scene!
  3. crazygirl~ did your fren get it from Isetan Scotts? The bella looked like the one i 'reserved' and let go subsequently..when i was there last friday
  4. They're so cute!!! Lucky friend :3
  5. cuuuute!!!! I love that bella :biggrin:
  6. they're so cute!! i :heart::heart: the bella!
  7. Oooo...!!! I love the bambino. It has got the reading monkey and both sides too!! Your friend is really lucky to find these. Did you try checking out Isetan Wisma too? I'm sure you did, right?:graucho: Anybody else know what's selling at Taka? *sigh* Have not been to Orchard for a while now and don't think I'm free to go this weekend. Gotta paint my daugther's room. It's kinda odd that all these older prints are popping up now, like those paradisos at DFS.:confused1:
  8. yes, these are both lovely pieces... i'm still so envious of her... lucky girl.

    birki: oh why didn't you get it? my friend bought hers from isetan scotts last wednesday, so perhaps the one you saw was a different piece? apparently the SA took out one other (last piece) from the storeroom for her to compare and she ended up getting this. when i went last evening, i didn't see anymore foresta bella :sad:

    mytokiluv: hehehe... yes i DID check out isetan wisma and robinsons too. nothing interesting... only amore, spiaggia and some pirata at wisma. i didn't check taka cuz the SA at isetan told me taka didn't carry the older stocks at all. i didn't know DFS took out new stocks of paradiso... hmmm... maybe i should have popped by DFS scotts. oh well, not meant to be... i shall give up the hunt for now.
  9. Went to town last evening and saw Foresta Luna, Bambino, Paradiso Bella etc at Isetan Scotts...
  10. awww the bambino is sooo cute!! i love the monkeys on both bags!!
  11. those are some awesome foresta bags :biggrin:
  12. crazygirl~ ahhh icic i guess it's a different bella then keke when i was there last friday, there was only 2 bellas left (1 on display & 1 from store) and i saw a very similar bambino which your fren got on display as well..i din get it cuz i dun wanna get too many bags in the same print lest my mum starts nagging :lol:

    I think only Robinsons Centrepoint & Isetan Scotts have the older prints like Citta / Foresta & Inferno on sale...i remember a inferno canguro & foresta caramella at robinsons along with some other Citta pieces..
  13. birki : I am eyeing something in citta. What styles do they have left and how's the placement? And are they going for 20% sales? :graucho:
  14. mytokiluv~ i'll try to recall k..tho' my memory failing me these days lol i remember seeing Citta Trenino/Bella/Bambino in Robinsons while i thot i saw Citta Bambino/Ciao in Isetan Scotts...I think you can call them and double check before heading down..and yup! all for 20% off the retail price :graucho:
  15. Thanks, birki. Yeah! I shall give them a call later.. Hee! Hee!