Possibly one of the top 10 cheapest and fugliest Fendi buys ever...

  1. Okay so I wasn't feeling well again so being bored I figured that I'd round the bunnies up and try and take some photos of these really, really ugly shoes that I bought recently. They cost 80 AUD (approx 64 USD). When I first saw them I thought, EWWW these are so ugly... :yucky: But when I saw the price I thought, urm.... ugly but yeah... cheap... Matches my spy and one of my Gucci's. It took me ages to decide to get them.

    So they had 2 colours, this was one of them. Found the photo off some Chinese website.
    This pic next to it is off Jomashop, the place I bought them from still has the shoes to go with this.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The pics attached here show the shoes without the laces on them.

    (PS: I'm so sorry if someone else has these shoes, it's just my personal opinion that they are ugly, this is not meant to insult anyone. Just showing how silly I am buying something that is Fendi that is ugly imo just cos it is cheap... and that I will probably never wear... :push:smile:
    IMG_4111.jpg IMG_4110.jpg IMG_4113.jpg
  2. I told my bunnies to look cute and pose behind the pen but it didn’t happen. Not yet anyway…

    Here are some pics with the laces on. Not that I would ever wear them with the laces anyway. They are not practical. If I were to walk a few steps they would come loose and fall to my ankles. The shoes have a very nautical look to them. I seriously don’t know when I’ll ever wear them. Probably on casual walks? Not to uni or going out. Maybe more of a casual shoe, say if I am walking the dog (don’t have a dog by the way) in the future perhaps, or going to the beach or if I am just running out to the supermarket and I want to keep my feet warmer as opposed to wearing thongs (not the g-string :p).

    IMG_4116.jpg IMG_4117.jpg IMG_4119.jpg
  3. 1 thing I discovered is that the shoes go with my B belt. They have the same orangey stitching. Not that I would wear them together? Well maybe, I’m not sure if I am game enough to though. Maybe.

    So you're probably wondering... "If you're not going to wear them, why did you buy them??!" Urm... they were cheap and I thought it would be nice to have (ugly) matching designer shoes... But in all seriousness I will definitely be wearing them. Most probably to the supermarket and stuff when I am not wearing my skinny jeans.


    So where are my bunnies?? I asked them to pose for me... And guess who is lazing on the job?


    At least my other bunny is more reliable! Chester can you wake Winni up?


  4. As I mentioned before I wouldn't wear these shoes out for an occasion like a party or even to the movies. I have my spy shoes. Why would I choose the canvas shos over the spy shoes? I love my spy shoes... :heart::love:

    As mentioned earlier as well, I got the shoes cos they also match one of my Gucci's which is nautical looking as well. May wear them together to uni? But not out out cos I just got some horsebit stilettos that go with all my ivory/cream trimmed Gucci stuff. Here's a group pic.


    The canvas Fendi's have some tough competition if they are to compete for 'wearing-out-attention', if that makes sense. :p Oh and look who decided to make an appearance?


    Here are also a couple of pics of the Gucci's. The canvas Fendi's match the Gucci script bag perfectly.


    So this seems pretty shallow, buying something just cos it's cheap...

    So my question now is, what have you bought that was really cheap (and possibly ugly) that you bought just cos it was cheap and designer?
  5. Hehehe...it's so funny reading your post ... cuz it's sounds like you're thinking out loud and trying to justify the shoes ... i do it all the time!!!

    IMO, the shoes by themselves aren't drop dead gorgeous - like your gucci's and spy shoes *Drool* - but they go very well with your two bags for a casual look. And paired with the shorts - they do look pretty hot! I think you got a great deal and i'm sure you will make lots of use for them. Flat shoes are perfect for a day of shopping!
  6. Yay even though my thread was boring atleast it started off yours! fun! Gorgeous pisc of your spy, bunnies, shoes, legs *whistles* no just kidding, and I LOVE the matching sets. As for the shoes, I see where you're coming from, they do match in an odd way. It looks like you go to Fendi University. If they're like slippers you could wear them around the house. Or put soft padding (like an Uggs insole insert) inside to make them like slippers. I don't know! Lol. Ugh I'm STILL kicking myself for not getting those heels...ahhh! Love it LOVES! Great thread! And no I can't think of anything ugly I bought etc but I'll think some more..

    Oh and I forgot to say..BUNNIES! Love them too!
  7. LOL... That is exactly what I am doing! :roflmfao:
  8. Hah
    Haha... Fendi University! Lol... majoring in Fendiology. Hehe. Which heels? The blueberry heels? You should still be able to get them, give the boutiques a call.

    Yes and I did start this thread for you actually (feel honoured :p) cos you were saying that the Fendi forum has been kinda dull as of late. Which I have to kinda agree with... Hehe... glad you love the bunnies, I love them too! :love: Winni is so fat! She won't stop eating!
  9. Oh dear! Fendi Uni! :roflmfao:

    KneeHighz, those Fendi Spy shoes are still available on BlueFly, I think.

    Kav, I don't think those are "ugly" -- they're more, errr, "quirky". I can def see them out, running errands with skinny jeans and a simple top, just an infusion of interest to the feetsies! Wear them well!
  10. ^OMG thanks fatefullotus and kav!! I had stopped checking the shoes dept after they ran out of my size. Wait a minute, stop enabling! Grrr...decisions decisions..:wacko:
  11. LOL~~ Ohh kav! They're not "that" bad. heeeheee~ You're right though, if it were me, I'd probably choose to wear the spy shoes over the canvas ones any day :p
  12. screw the shoes! i like them bunnies :heart: :p
  13. Maybe they don't look too hot off but on you they look great! You have the legs for them, LOL Great collection by the way.
  14. Haha... thanks LOREBUNDE. Anyway kneehighz..... get them... you know you want them. Nothing beats a matching set of bag and heels. :graucho::graucho::graucho: