possibly my first L.A.M.B.? rasta kingston

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  1. So, I finally found one and it's on hold for me. The price is $419. I've never purchased any L.A.M.B. and I was wondering if you all think this is a good price??:confused1:
  2. It's a pretty good price since the kingston is normally $675.
  3. If it's at off fifth I think they have a 20% coupon going on right now, and they sometimes have 30% off coupons. It seems like they have coupons fairly often.
  4. really? I have it on hold at an off 5th in california. i have to do a charge/send. do coupons even work over the phone?
  5. yeah you can fax them:yes:
  6. ack, i'm nowhere near a fax right now! they can only hold it for me till the end of the day. meep!
  7. can you get to a drug store or mailing center? It only costs like 2$ but you have to print out the coupon..
  8. Call the store first, sometimes off 5th doesn't require you to fax it, they'll just give you the discount. It depends on the store.
  9. the other good thing about off 5th is if you order out of state they don't charge sales tax, just the shipping.
  10. thanks for all the info, girls!
  11. no problem! good luck! :flowers:
  12. yessssssssssss, I just ordered my first L.A.M.B.!

    I hope it's everything I've imagined, but from everyones raving around here I'm not too worried.

    Now my eyeballs want something in cheetah!

    Thank you everyone for being so helpful and wonderful. You guys have made this experience lovely!
  13. YAY!:yahoo: I'm so excited for you! You have to post tons of pics cause we would love to see!!! Glad we could help out, and cheetah is really cute. Isn't lamb sooo addictive?
  14. YAAAY congrats!! the rasta print is so fun!
    and cheetah print is just wiiiillllddd.. in a good way.. :tup:
  15. Congrats on your Rasta Kingston ! i just got the Cheetah Kingston..you are going to LOVE the size !! It's a KICK-ASS BAG !