Possibly my first Hermes purchase... a Belt??

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  1. Hi! I'm completely new to Hermes... I love their handbags, jewelry, and belts. I am wanting to purchase a belt... how much are they? I'm just looking one in black with a Silver H buckle. And if I'm going to eBay to purchase, how much should I pay? And how do I tell if it's authentic? Thank you :smile:
  2. May I give you an advice : Go to the store for purchasing your belt. You might find one on ebay, but the stores usually have a great choice of belts and buckles. You will be thrilled by the colors of leather, and excotic skins... and all the different buckles. It is worth the trip !:tup::yes:
  3. Have a look on the H website, lots of belts and buckles on there and totally agree with what perlerare said.....better to buy from H
  4. Just bought a silver H buckle(large size)with the reversible belt strap and it cost $180US for the buckle and $360US for the belt. Hope it helps.
  5. i bought my H buckle belt (the smaller size) with reversible belt strap in feb2008 from duty-free hermes in london heathrow for £199 (approx. $400?). if purchasing outside the airport, add 17.5%VAT.
  6. The closest H store is 6.5 hours away from me :sad:
    Any help on how to authenticate one from eBay?

    I am usually a size 85/34 in Louis Vuitton belts, is this the same for H? Would I be a 85?
  7. It would still be best to buy from the store. You can give them a call, let them know your size, how much overlap you prefer, what leathers/colors are available....and so on.

    Ebay is, sadly, a crap shoot when it comes to designer goods. I've gotten some genuine Hermes on there, but rarely is it an outright bargain. Then there's the counterfeit issue, too. The selection will be MUCH better with the store, and if they don't have it, they'll charge and send it from somewhere else. The Charlotte store was amazing when I had an H bracelet sent. I was at my local store on a Friday morning, and it was at my door on Saturday morning (Charlotte to Atlanta isn't a big distance so the normal two-day shipping didn't take as long).

    Good luck in finding what you want!

  8. Bumping this thread, just to share...

    Just 2 days ago, I purchased a reversible H belt from H boutique in swanky upmarket HK shopping mall that house JW Marriot hotel, too. Costed me $5300 HKD for both belt and buckle.
    A friend had the same belt before and it was his belt that inspired me to get mine.
    After I purchased mine, I took a long look at the buckle and noticed the writing and some kind of circled something behind it.
    The next day, he told me that his belt costed him $300 HKD in Sogo around 8 years ago. But his buckle does not have those writings.

    I start to wonder, would his one be fake? Eventhough it was on sale in Sogo, with inflation and so on, what can really explain the price difference?

    One more thing, his comment when he touched my belt was that the leather is really soft compare to his. But could it be that the leather production be different from year to year?
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