Possibly Moving to Seattle..HELP

  1. I know there is another thread on Seattle but this is totally different so I thought I'd start a new one.

    I may be moving to Seattle after graduation in a little less than a year. My mom and I are planning a 3-6 day trip to Seattle this summer to kind of explore all over, figure out if I do really want to move there, where I would want to live, etc.

    So, several questions:
    1) Where is a good somewhat central place to stay? Hotel reccs would be great.

    2) What neighborhoods should I look at? I would be 22/23 years old, so I would want a younger fun crowd but obviously somewhere safe and what not

    3) What are some non touristy places I should check out? I want to get the feel of living there, not of being a tourist.

    Thank you so much! If anyone has any other info to share please let me now! Thanks!
  2. really? no one?
  3. Hi! I don't post very much on TPF but when I saw this title I just had to!

    I moved to Seattle just for the summer and absolutley loved it! I'm from the East Coast. I definitely want to move to Seattle permantely after I finish school. I was 18 when I lived there.

    Bellevue is really fun! It totally has a city feel to it without being right in Seattle. Lots of shopping/eating/things to do in Bellevue. Lots of new development/apartments etc. I lived near Bellevue and I loved coming in to shop. My favorite areas in Seattle were Freemont, very arty with a lot of younger people and Madrona but this is more residential/families. Freemont is very very cool, in the summer they have a Freemont market with the coolest vintage/hand-made/unique stuff you can find and really great food from all over the place. There are lots of neighborhoods in Seattle I can't really name that many just because I mostly was outside the city and didn't go into the city very often, maybe once every two weeks.

    Seattle is absolutely beautiful it's one of the prettiest cities I've ever been to, enjoy it I'm super jealous :smile: