Possibly moving to Boston -- any insight appreciated :)

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  1. I apologize for such a long post, but would appreciate any comments!

    My boyfriend (and soon-to-be-fiance) has been visiting grad schools across the nation trying to narrow down where he wants to spend the next five years, and he's pretty set on MIT.

    We've been living apart since last May, as I took on two seperate internships on the east coast in the marketing/communications departments of non-profit arts organizations, and he's completing his final semester as an undergraduate.

    We'd talked about doing the long distance thing again for another year, as I really like the city I'm living in now and have been interviewing with several organizations/companies here. I hadn't really thought too seriously about moving to Boston until I met up with my boyfriend this weekend and decided that I really cannot stand being away from him for too much longer. Still, there's one particular job that I applied for in my city that would be VERY hard to turn down, as the opportunity to learn and acquire more experience in my field (coupled with the excellent starting salary) makes it very enticing.

    I've been to Boston before and like the city: plenty of things to do, well-educated, beautiful and historical, great shopping. I know that the arts community there is larger than where I'm living now, so there would potentially be more jobs available. However, I have some concerns (which are probably more along the line of "insecurities"), so this is where I need some input...especially from those in the area.

    1. What is the job market like? I have my Bachelor's degree and 2-3 years of experience working in public relations/non-profits, but that experience has all been though internships. Also, with the number of colleges (and good ones, at that) in the area, I don't know how competitive of an applicant I will be.

    2. Is it difficult to meet friends in Boston if you're not a student? I've heard that Boston is very clique-y. I know it sounds silly, but this is a very big concern of mine. I've met friends easily where I'm living right now and don't really see how Boston would be any different, but you never know! I just want to make sure I'm going to be happy!

    3. Where in the city would you recommend living? Assuming I'm able to find a job fairly quickly, we'll be on a dual income, as he receives a monthly stipend from the department. We'd probably be looking in the $1500-$1800 range for 1 bedroom.

    4. Speaking of costs, for a single person, what do you think is a reasonable salary to live comfortably? I realize that the cost of living varies from person to person, so I'll give you a little info: I'm in my early twenties, tend to brown bag my lunches and eat out once or twice a week, generally go out for drinks one night a weekend, like nice things (i.e. bridge designers and department store cosmetics, but don't forsee myself purchasing Chanel bags anytime in the near future), and can live without cable TV.

    5. Anything else you'd like to add? :smile:

    Thanks for reading...I know this was long!
  2. Congrats on a possible move to Boston! I can help with some of the questions

    1. I'm not sure of this, as I work in academia and jobs are fairly stable there.

    2. lol. definitly not. When I moved to Boston 2.5 years ago, I knew NO ONE. Most of my closest friends now are those I've met since I've moved here.

    3. Since he will be going to MIT, I would suggest looking into MIT sponsored housing. One thing they do have is fantastic housing. Some have amazing views and overlook the Charles river. Another area I would recommend in Cambridge is Cambridgeport. Its a very nice area and housing is quite reasonable, and within walking/biking distance to MIT. You can definitly get a one bdrm place in your price range. I would not recommend living around Kendall Square (where MIT is). It is mostly a biotech park and can be kind of deserted and scary at night.

    4. I feel like a reasonable salary for a single person to live quite comfortably (with a few designer bags in between) would be around 35,000/year, provided your rent is what you described.

    I hope this helps! Feel free to PM me if you have any additional questions. Boston/Cambridge is really a fantastic place to live, and I'm quite sad to have to leave it later this year.
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