Possibly more Louis for me???!!!!

  1. I am interviewing on Monday for a full time job to supplement my realtor income and for advertising money, if I get the job, my second paycheck will be to get a new Louis, probably a Speedy 30. I thought about starting to save up for my MC speedy, but after such a long drought of no new Louis' I just have to get something soon!!

    So if you only have $600 (including taxes) what new bag would you get?
  2. A speedy 25 in damier canvas?
  3. Good luck on getting the job! I'm sure you'll do well. Hmm... maybe a nice wallet or other accessories?
  4. i'll go for wallet, mc pti :P
    or if you want a handbag, speedy 25 is great too...
  5. Good luck on your interview on Monday!!

    If i had $600 to spend on LV, I would get the marelle pochette since I have a speedy already. The speedy would be a great choice though!
  6. I would go for the coiled bracelet pictured below and a Geometrique V-Pendant. ;)
  7. good luck! :smile:

    i would get a speedy in damier! :heart:
  8. Good luck with the job! Hmmm, I would get a Speedy, so much bag for the money!
  9. I'd get a mc koala wallet.. or a damier speedy !
  10. I was thinking the same thing ayla! :yes:
  11. Maybe some accessories like a wapity, scarf, or keychain!
    && Good luck on your interview!
  12. I know you have a few mono pieces already so how about a damier bag/accessory this time? Speedy or wallet would be nice!:yes: And GOOD LUCK on Monday!!!
  13. French purse. Good luck with your interview!
  14. Maybe something a little different such as the Damier Papillon? Or the adorable mono pochette accessoires? Break a leg!!
  15. ITA on these 2 choices! :yes:

    Good luck on your interview!:flowers: