Possibly making my first Chanel purchase sometime this week!

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm usually lurking around the LV forum, but I kind of want to switch it up. I currently own about 5 LV's, but I've only been carrying 3 of those for awhile now, so I'm thinking of selling the other two. Anyway, I'm at a point in my life where I want to sort of 'clean it up' and minimize, so I'm looking out for some classic pieces that will hold me over for a while.

    I'm really interested in the Jumbo flap and the Cerf tote, both in Caviar leather (though I can only get one). I'm a huge fan of flap bags, but I love the look of the Cerf. However, I'm worried that the Cerf might look a bit too mature on me (I'm 19), so maybe I should opt for the flap??? Do you think this bag is age appropriate? I'm looking for something for everyday use. Any help/opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    I've heard somethings about lacking quality control in regards to Chanel...is this true? Is it anything to worry about? I've heard that the Caviar leather is pretty much indestructable. Honestly, though, I haven't had the greatest luck with LV, as several of my bags had to be returned due to "defects" after about a week.....

    Also, last time I was at the boutique, I saw a small flap bag in caviar leather in a sort of burgundy/maroon color...anyone know if this comes in a bigger size?

    Thanks, ladies! :yes:
  2. p.s. Does the Jumbo flap come in navy???
  3. Hey kimalee! Hi from another LV girl :biggrin: - Personally I think the Jumbo Flap would be awesome for you. I use it (im 17) so Im sure it will be age appropriate!
  4. LOL Kim- I am jumping in the same boat as you are! Love LV but also sneaking over to possibly try out a Chanel..lemme know what u decide to buy! :tup:
  5. Jumbo flap for sure....i love it coz it's the classic style....:smile:
  6. ^haha, yea I've noticed! I will let you know for sure!
  7. Between the Cerf and jumbo flap, I would pick the jumbo flap. And caviar leather is nice, even when it's raining or snowing.
  8. Between those two, I think the flap sounds like its more popular..
  9. I'm another LV lover who wanders into the Chanel forum every once in a while! The flap would be a great first Chanel...it's a classy, timeless piece that you can carry for a long time. My first Chanel was a PST, which is also a great bag. I'm eyeing a black flap for my next Chanel purchase.
  10. Hi! Congrats to thinking about making your first Chanel purchase. Welcome to the dark side. :devil: Lol. Honestly, I do not think that Chanel has that many problems with quality. I think that they're quality is really good. Of course there were a few problems for some people because Chanel is hand made so of course every once and a while there are a few little mistakes. I am becoming a fan of LV too, although Chanel will always be my favorite handbag brand. I'm young too and I think that most Chanel looks age appropiate and looks good on everyone, as long as the outfit you're wearing it with is ok. :smile:
  11. thanks everyone! it looks like the jumbo flap is winning....

    and another question...a couple months ago, I saw a pic of a salmon-colored caviar leather. Anyone know where I can find that? Thanks!
  12. Are they really handmade??? I had no idea!
  13. Oh no, u are making me reveal my true colours.........oh all right, I love love love LV too but am not in the LV forum.

    Get the jumbo, dear!
  14. I'm 20 and I definitely think of the Cerf as a "working woman's bag". It's so classy but I wouldn't consider using it at my age unless I worked at an office etc (I'm a student at university so it would look a bit strange having a young adult not in business gear carrying it)

    Love the jumbo. Tried it on and was too big for me so I opted for the med/large.
  15. Definitely the jumbo!