Possibly getting scammed

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  1. #1 Apr 9, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2014
    Hello everyone, I'm hoping some of you more seasoned handbag sellers may give me some input on my case. I sold a Givenchy Antigona croc embossed shopper on Ebay on Friday. Monday morning I shipped the bag out via overnight shipping with insurance and signature confirmation. Once I got home I sent the buyer a message letting her know I shipped it. A few hours later she sent me a message asking what color the "Givenchy" was on the bag and if the bag was the large tote or the medium one. I thought it was odd that she didn't ask before buying and I also noticed she changed her Ebay user name.

    Well last night I got another message from her stating she is returning the bag to me with no explanation or anything. I messaged her back asking why to which she replied "for one the seams are glued and coming apart, do I need to go on". I was in total shock as I bought this bag brand new from Neiman Marcus and never used it, I also went over it with a fine tooth comb before listing it and before shipping. Then a few minutes later I get a message from Ebay that she opened up a case and stated the bag is fake and she knows a real Givenchy.

    Before shipping it I had my husband attach a tamper proof band around the handles with an ID number on it. I told her after I sent the bag that once she got it to look over the bag and if she's happy to remove the band. So of course last night I asked her if the band is still together and she said yes.

    Now it could totally be buyers remorse and she just doesn't want the bag but all the horror stories of buyers switching bags have me worried, plus the fact that she is stating that the seams are coming apart is totally false. I attached the ebay page from the bag, if you can please take a look and give me some advise?


  2. What's the status of the case right now? Has she uploaded any kind of documentation that the bag is counterfeit? If she opened a SNAD claim stating that the bag is fake, eBay will require her to have third-party documentation to support her claim.
  3. As of last night I chose for her to return the bag to me for a refund so I can see what she is returning and act appropriately. I've never heard that Ebay requires a third party authentication though, where can I get more information on that?
  4. She has not provided anything to follow up her claim
  5. If you've already agreed to accept a return, she will not have to do this; if you had chosen to fight the return, she would be required to prove that the bag is counterfeit.

    Now you'll have to wait until you receive the bag back and then (depending on what you receive), you can decide how to proceed.

    If it's just a case of buyer's remorse, refund her purchase price less the original shipping cost.

  6. Is this actually true with ebay, do they ask for this? I know it is with PP.
  7. I tried looking it up but can't find anything. I replied to send the bag back since I don't want to risk her keeping the bag and the money.
  8. You did the right thing. She is just having a buyer's remorse and coming up with an excuse to return it. I don't think she will try a switch.
  9. The following is generally what happens but not necessarily how disputes are always handled.

    When buyers file SNAD with ebay, ebay usually requires the seller to accept the return. More often than not, ebay doesn't require an authentication.

    When buyers file SNAD with Paypal, PP is more apt to demand that the buyer produce a professional authentication.

    ETA: I agree that you did the right thing. It's not worth fighting an unhappy buyer who might do anything to get a refund. It's probably buyer's just remorse but you're smart not to take a chance of losing both the bag and the money.
  10. BeenBurned, in this case, where the seller and buyer don't agree on the item being in the same condition as per the listing, does the seller have to refund the entire amount including original postage (and also return postage?)? :confused1:
  11. Presumably, they agreed on the refund amount before the return was agreed upon.

    Based on the OP's post above, she said, "As of last night I chose for her to return the bag to me for a refund" and my inference from her statement is that she'll refund the full payment that the buyer made. But return shipping is on the buyer.
  12. I'm going through something similar right now with a buyer of mine. I clearly highlighted in my listing that there were marks and scratches on the bag. Buyer says that the marks are worse than what I had described, and wants to return the bag for a refund. I asked her to return it for a refund and the bag is now on its way back to me.

    I felt that I already disclosed the flaws of the bag in my listing, but I understand that that can be subjective. In this case, I will be refunding her original purchase price + shipping, and although she hasn't said anything about return shipping, I wonder if she's expecting me to reimburse her for that as well... :wondering
  13. I wouldn't. You didn't offer, she didn't ask and it's common that buyers pay for return shipping.
  14. Ok so after further thought I'm convinced this buyer is up to no good. Besides changing her user name from searsmcneff to recovery6142005 after I shipped the bag, she also edited her address in ebay. When I was packing the bag I noticed in ebay there was no apt number but in paypal there was. Of course I used the address from PayPal. But looking at her address in ebay now, she's added the apt number.

    Also I called UPS this morning and she sent the package via ground service, not insured, and claimed a value of $1 on it!!!
  15. I don't know that I'd worry about the address - she may just have forgotten to enter it, or something else happened with it.

    Don't worry about the return shipping either - insurance is to protect the sender; if it's damaged in transport, you would not (so far as I know) be required to refund her, and she would only be able to get $1 back from UPS.