Possibly getting my first Chloe

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  1. HI everyone,

    I am possibly going to buy my first Chloe paddington. It is pre-loved and I am a little concerned about a mark that is on the side of it. I have a attached a pic, is there anyway that this can be fixed? Also, is $550 too much for it? Any help or advice would be great!
  2. Is there anyway of bringing it somewhere to see if it can be fixed before you buy it? I'm not sure that mark will come out. I think $550 is a little high imo. If you can hold out until December you might be able to score a new one for $100-200 more if the sales will be anything like the ones that just went on in June.
  3. Hmmm I dont think the mark is that bad, especially as it wouldn't show in use as the sides have have the straps there, it looks like the straps would hide it totally if they were closed.:yes: And the leather looks gorgeous, is that a whiskey 06..? If it is 550$ is a great deal IMO as the whiskey is gorgeous discontinued colour, and I personally love 05 and 06 paddingtons! But I agree you might find a new one from sales with couple of hundreds more if you wait a little... but I dont think you can find a whiskey one if you love that colour!
  4. ...Oh I think that's rather tan than the whiskey, but anyhow it seems to be older colour and gorgeous leather!
  5. You could always take it to a luggage/show repair place too and see if they could do anything for it. The spot looks like a little bit of grime. Not a big deal. I think that all purses that are 'very loved' are going to have things like that.