Possibly Breaking the Ban...Don't tell the DH;)

  1. I've been eye balling this tote since I first saw it on coach.com.

    I LOVE the colors and design. It's very reminiscent of the late 50's - early 60's abstract designs and it matches the color scheme and decor in our living room:graucho:....Anywayz.
    Does anyone have this bag, and if so can you please post pics?

    Thanks in advance.:smile:
  2. i saw it at dillards yesterday and my mom almost bought it but we decided not to bc the straps are too small but i love it in the other shape !

    i hope you get it. i wont tell i promise :x
  3. I haven't seen it IRL, but from the stock pics that was a concern of mine too:confused1:
  4. its gorgeous in real life. i liked it more in the other shape but i cant remember what other shape they had now.
  5. someone on here has one I've seen it somewhere!! I won't tell if you don't tell on me!!
  6. I won't;):p
    Please post pics!:yes:
  7. Oh, thank you Reddianasaur. It's real purdy.
  8. I saw it at Dillard's this afternoon and the colors really POP in person!

    I really loved the print and they have it a hobo, a swing pack, and other styles too. It's a great bag, but I had the same issue with it! The straps just did not feel that comfortable to me.
  9. I got it in the shoulder tote style. I think it's 11119?