Possibly bad news about my graduation present...

  1. My mom just talked to my cousin, to see if my present (a pochette accesoires) had come yet. I had assumed it would be from eluxury...but my cousin said that "she was getting it from a friend, and the friend didn't get it yet". Uh-oh. This is kind of making warning signs go off in my head, like the friend selling fake bags. I've kind of always had this fear deep down that it would be fake...just because the present was SO generous for my family...

    I guess it it turns out to be fake I'll just use my money to get myself a real one and she'll never know. Sigh.
  2. This does sound a little troublesome. Good luck, and keep us posted.
  3. OH NO :wtf:!!! Keep us posted
  4. let`s just cross our fingers and hope it is real
  5. I hope it all works out, I remember how excited you were.
  6. Oh I hope it is not a fake as I too remember how excited you were. Keep thinking positive and hopefully it is the real thing. Be sure to keep us posted.
  7. aww...hopefully it'll be a real one.
  8. awwwwww don't worry about it!
  9. Well, after further grilling my mom, I found out that the
    bag is coming from "a friend who gets them overseas for cheaper. but it is NOT FAKE". Ha. Suuuure.

    I'm now pretty sure its fake. But hey, maybe not. I'll see sometime soon.
  10. Well, still thank your family.
    They really did try to get you something you wanted.
    Fake or not, it's from the heart.
  11. I know :yes: I don't mean to be ungrateful.
  12. crossing my fingers and toes, sweetie.
  13. This is a bummer. If it turns out it is a fake I'm totally bummed for you.
  14. Awww I am sorry! It's hard to be so excited only to be let down :sad: I really am sorry!
  15. I'm soo sorry! I remember how excited you were as well! Keep us posted!