Possiblle Coach Store Closings

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  1. Just saw this in the news with a lost of other stores that could possibly be closing:

    'Coach (COH) recently dropped its profit outlook and said same-store sales for December were down 13%. The rich are not getting richer. But, the market has not entirely turned away from the company. Shares trade at almost $18, down from a 52-week high of just over $37. That may seem awful, but the stock is not off as much as some others in the sector. Coach has over 500 stores and specialty outlets and 5,600 workers. Its finances are considered solid so it might get away with cutting 10% of its locations, or 50 outlets'
  2. That would suck. I have more fun going into their stores than any other one.
  3. Considering there are sometimes lines just to get in the damm stores, it doesn't sound like it's the outlets they should close!
  4. Had not seen that. Thanks for posting.

    I wouldn't be surprised if some of the retail stores closed. They have expanded pretty aggressively lately. Many people shop for COACH at their department stores anyways. It will be interesting to watch.
  5. this isn't surprising to me..... the few times i was at that palm desert coach store during peak christmas shopping season...... it was virtually empty!!!! even the final saturday of the last PCE there were only about 3 other people in there!
  6. I would say they'd probably close the retail stores. The outlets are always packed with people buying stuff, but our local boutique is rarely busy at all. I would think it would be a smarter move on Coach's part to keep the outlets. I know everything is priced less, but they sell more.
  7. I would imagine that boutiques would suffer most. There are a lot of disgruntled customers here who pay full retail for a bag, only to see it at an outlet just a short time later. I'd be upset, too.
  8. I agree about the boutiques. We just opened a Nordstrom's at my mall so no there's them selling coach, Macy's AND the Boutique and two outlets close by. (Less than an hour drive to either of them.) Since people can always get the full retail online or by calling in, I definitely see the boutiques suffering more.
  9. i could definatly see them closing more boutiques than outlets, the outlets are always have people in them. I know there are about 3 coach boutiques in my area and they could probably close 1 of them and it wouldnt really effect anything
  10. Urgh, my outlet better not close! I would be heartbroken because it's the only good outlet around here (no D&B or anything else) and retail stores are at least an hour away and the department stores here don't have coach!

    However, they are opening one up a new outlet near my other hometown area in Wisconsin this summer! Hopefully that goes through! It will be in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin!
  11. I too would be very sad if they closed the outlet near me! It's the only outlet in Iowa, and the only boutique in Iowa is 2.5 hours away! The next closest outlet is like four hours away!
  12. I def see them cutting back on boutiques before they get rid of the outlets. The outlets are definitely their cash cows
  13. I cant imagine that Coach would be closing any outlet locations.......
    IMO the boutiques will get the brunt of the location closings.

    The boutique I (used to) frequent most often is always ass kickin' busy and their sales are through the roof even without PCEs.
    It is all dollars and no sense down here. :yes:

    Time will tell.
  14. The boutiques really can't compete any more since they don't run any sales like the department stores do in the same mall, and the rate at which last season boutique items are getting to the outlet. I think the smaller boutiques that are within range of a larger store will be the ones that end up closing.
  15. I talked to the manager at my local outlet and she hadn't heard anythign of the sort. She said there are about 100 outlet locations, but 50 would be half of what's out there right now.