possible to replace vachetta?

  1. I have a coach tote with vachetta handles that I purchased off eBay. It was used and the handles have become dark. So anyway, I just got off the phone with a rather rude SA, who insisted that even if I replace the vachetta it will darken over time. Okay, so I tried to explain that I realize that and tried to explain to her that I have many hanbags with vachetta handles, and that if you take great care of it, it wont be as dirty and dark. Well that conversation ended with her saying that I need to bring it in the boutique so we can check it out, but nothing is definate. So I ask you guys - can you replace coach vachetta?
  2. i thought that was just the nature of that kind of leather...that dark color is it's natural patina.
  3. ^ditto. that's just what vachetta does, no?
  4. vacetta def darkes over time "patina". just like louis vuitton stuff. I think your SA is right, but I'm sorry she was rude
  5. No, I know it darkens, but I want brand new vachetta handles. Can Coach replace them?
  6. are they the type of handles that you could completely removed bc they are attached with the little 'belt type' buckes? if so, then yes, i think you can replace them. From now on, when you have questions, don't call the stores, call the phone number on the coach website - its in the upper right corner of any page on coach.com - they are very helpful there. jsut dont mention you bought it on eBay
  7. Heres the exact same style of the one I bought: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=003&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3APIC&viewitem=&item=130092851783&rd=1&rd=1
  8. If you don't like that vachetta darkens....it seems you should avoid buying bags with vachetta. Replacing them isn't going to do you any good as they'll darken again....
  9. if they were to replace the handles, what about that other part below the handles? that looks like it's attached to the bag too. that def. looks like it cannot come off w/out removing stiches. But, sorry the SA was rude to you. you should have gotten their name and told their manager if it really bothered you.
  10. Well I like vachetta, but as I said I purchased off ebay and the handles are incredibly dirty not just from the natural process. I know vachetta darkens, and I dont mind it, but when you see dark handles on vachetta, the majority of the darkness is from dirt. I really don't see why they can't replace it, Coach is known for their leather, and many other brands replace leather i.e. Louis Vuitton.

  11. Well, You could probably just contact Coach and ask them.
  12. i don't know if coach really does that but if they don't, maybe one day they will consider doing it. you are right...they are known for their leather..
  13. How about cleaning them. Try using baby wipes. This won't help make them lighter but at least it will make them cleaner.
  14. Coach will not reconstruct a bag at all, they will only fix structural issues.

    Even though Coach is known for their leather, it is honestly expensive to replace handles and they wouldnt' do that because most likely there are other parts of vachetta that have darkened on your bag and if the leather doesn't match, coach won't replace things like your binding because it wouldn't look good.

    I would try lightly cleaning it with baby wipes, search the forums for cleaning vachetta- there have been tons of wonderful tips!