Possible to PO/SO in Paris Hermes


Jul 7, 2006
I would like to hear the experience of tPFers familiar with the Paris Hermes shop. If I were to visit the "mothership" for the first time, spend some (not too small amounts of) cash (e.g. twillies, ties, non-Kelly/Birkin bags, maybe even RTW), would I have any chance of placing a PO or SO as a non-regular/tourist? I would even happily fly to Paris to collect the orders when they are ready.

Btw, I am Asian – I mention this because I have lived/visited enough of Europe to know skin colour does make a difference more often than one might imagine.
I don't know about being Asian being a detriment, but I've shopped that store at least 10 times and can tell you that Japanese women dressed to the nines in Hermes get helped pretty quickly, as opposed to my plain Jil Sander suit and Birkin bag being pratically ignored. The store is usually very busy, can be a madhouse depending on the time of year, and you need to be a little assertive in getting help. I don't know about special orders.....I just concentrate on trying to get the Birkins out, which is a feat in itself. They try to tell you they don't have any, all the time.