possible to have imperfections on a new lv?

  1. does it bother you?
  2. It would bother me. That's part of the reason I ordered a vintage bag. I am so anal when something is brand new, that first mark on the vachetta kills me!
  3. yes it would. if i pay so much for a bag etc i want it to be 99.999% perfect and thats why i only buy from shops and not through the website where i can examine the good first.
  4. definitely bothers me. that's why i go to the shop and scrutinize like crazy before i pick out THE ONE.
  5. ofcourse.. i wont return it!!
  6. Depends on the imperfection. I don't analyze my bags because I know they will not stay perfect. So far I've been lucky - I have never had to return anything because of an imperfection.
  7. Same here. It bothers me.
  8. yes, it would bother me.
  9. I think it is close to impossible to find a totally perfect bag, but I try! I always ask to see several pieces of the item I am buying so I can choose the best one. :yes:
  10. I've gotten some bags that weren't perfect. It did bother me, but it didn't affect the function of the bag, and it wasn't a super big deal so I kept it. The flowers and lv's on the sides of my large bucket don't line up exactly right. I blame myself for not checking it, but I thought LV had people that do that for us, considering the cost. We should expect to get an almost perfect bag for the price we pay. I check all my bags now.
  11. Yep, definately possible - I seen a new MC Priscilla that had one of the icons that didn't join up, there was an obvious strip of white in the middle where the paint had missed.:wtf:

    I don't expect to find this sort of flaw on something tha is so expensive.
  12. When I got my speedy from elux, the lock was scratched, but i called them and they sent me a new one!!
  13. I always try to get the best one at the shop.

    We pay a high price so why shouldn't we try to get the best? After all, that's the reason why people buy LV right? (to get the best)

    I hate it when the SA says they are all the same and will get damaged after we use it.

    DOH! We know that, but do they want to buy a car that has scracthes all over it? Dont think soooo...
  14. It depends on how bad the imperfection happens to be. Overall, yes it is disappointing to purchase anything new and to have a flaw.
  15. I bought 2 off ebay and had a hard time with getting one of them authenticated. The boutique said they were both fine but one of the on-line authenticators had a problem with the patch being cut crooked. I think their workmanship is slipping.