Possible to get 255 in the 90s'?

  1. Hi all, am I right to say that the 255 was never released after 1955 (or a few years after that), and the only time that Chanel did a reissue was in 2005? I am asking this question bcos my girlfriend told me that she bought a Chanel in Paris in the early 90s when honeymooning there, and she claimed that it is a 255. I have not had the opportunity to look at her bag to see if it has the double Cs clasp or a rectangular one.
    But ladies, any insight on this?
  2. I'm not old enough to answer this :/
  3. :smile: haha, it's ok, let's see if we can have comments from other Chanel lovers....
  4. Actually the 255 is the classic in general, which has been around since 1955. The reissue (remake of the 255) was made to celebrate the classic's 50 year anniversary.