Possible to file a police report?


Feb 6, 2007
You should be able to file a police report with the buyer's local police department. I don't know how far that department will take it though.

Did the buyer pay with Paypal? You could file a claim and try to get your money back that way too. Paypal will take the money from the buyer's account if the seller wins the claim. You only have 45 days to file.


May 15, 2007
Oh my gosh.. I'm an eBayer, and I've had all really pleasant experiences thus far, except for one pair of pants which had a giant hole in the crotch (!!) that was totally unmentioned and the seller said it must have been damaged during shipping! HA! and just recently a shirt w/ unnoted armpit stains.. the seller said to send it back and she will refund, but the shipping was more expnsive than the actual shirt.. what a pain!

ugh... how do these people get away with it? why wont paypal/ebay take the money out of their account or w/e? ugh! so is using delivery confirmation enough?


May 4, 2007
i have an ipod and cell phone up for sale right now.. what can i do to protect myself (i've already gotten email from 3 different Nigerian scamers)..

Restrict to only selling within the country in which you live. If I sell anything like that I'll only sell to UK buyers and have in bid red writing at the top "NO OVERSEAS BUYERS"