Possible to file a police report?

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  1. If you are not in the US, can you still file a police report against a buyer in the US for theft i.e not returning the item after receiving the refund?

    Anyone can offer any advice? TIA.
  2. I work in law enforcement. I think you need to explain the whole story for it to make more sense...kwim...
  3. My housemate has started selling bags on ebay under my influence. :sad: She has only sold 3 bags so far using her boyfriend's account and one of the transactions has gone awry. I feel partly to blame.

    The bag was damaged in transit and the buyer sounded so devastated and wanted a refund. The buyer has promised to return the item upon receipt of the refund and she refunded :wtf:. I was shocked when i heard it but as she is terribly upset now, the last thing i want to do is to tell her what she should/should not have done. Its too late.

    Now it has been 2 weeks since the refund and there are no replies from the buyer. I do not think the buyer is about to send anything back for that matter.

    I would like to know if it is possible to file a police report against the US buyer? We are in the UK. Surely there must be some course of action for her? Could she call up the police in the buyer's state and file a report?

    I have sold quite a lot of things on ebay but i have yet to encounter such a situation and there really isnt any good advice i can offer her. I was hoping someone here with similar experiences could provide some advice. She is thinking of treating it as a lesson learnt and stay off ebay but i really feel for her. It was more than USD$2000. I dont think that thief should get away with it so easily.
  4. So sorry this happened to your friend. Have you tried contacting paypal?
    Have you tried to call the buyer? If it was an ebay transaction you can get her phone number:
    You can always file a claim with http://www.ic3.gov/
    a US government website dealing with internet crime/fraud.
  5. Oh dear! A little late to tell her this but she shouldn't have refunded without having the bag

    Yes she can file a police report, your friend needs to ascertain where the buyers local police department is and contact them direct explaining the situation
  6. thanks ladies.. we have managed to search the Rhode Island police department contact number on the internet.. she also has her contact number since the item was shipped via DHL and that service required her contact number for delivery. But her logic is if she is bent on avoiding emails and not returning the item.. whats the point of calling her up.

    She seems so resigned to the fact that she lost the money.. I think she just wants to put this all behind her.. but really that thief should not get away so easily :cursing:
  7. I wouldn't waste your time calling the buyer, call the local PD and tell them what has happened
  8. I'm sorry this happened to your friend. I wish her the best of luck with this. Hopefully the police will help out if it's a significant amount.
  9. There is a way to do a chargeback if the buyer used paypal???

    Not sure how to do this but call paypal or contact them somehow.

    I know this because some time ago I purchased a watch that ended up being fake, the seller refunded me and I sent it back.

    Later she charged it back via paypal saying I had not returned and they put money in her account.

    Contact them and see what happens.
  10. Other than taking police action, was this item insured? If this item was shipped via DHL with insurance and was damaged during transition, she should be able to claim from DHL. I imagine a $2,000 should be insured during shipping???
  11. You are right the thief should not be allowed to get away with this as she will just go on to scam someone else.
    Letting her know you are reporting her to the police may push her in the right direction. It's definitely worth it as it's not a small amount of money to lose and you should do everything to get it try to get it back. Also fill out the ebay information request as she may have given you a bad phone number.
    I recently called a seller after over 2 weeks of waiting for a bag I purchased, finally she then sent it.

  12. The funny thing is the bag was indeed insured and while wailing about the bag being damaged, she also asked my housemate to help her file a claim with DHL. The poor girl did and even sent the original receipts to that thief because she said she needed it to repair the damage at Chanel.

    It went on for quite a few weeks and correspondences were prompt and very cordial to keep each other updated on the claim. Finally after a few weeks of waiting, my housemate emailed her to ask how it was going.. she replied that DHL was due to come by her place for an inspection of the bag the following day and she sounded happy in the email (well at least to me when i was reading it). All of a sudden the following night, the thief filed a dispute, saying that her husband has told her to do so. (YEAH RIGHT) :cursing: I think she wanted a double compensation if you ask me.. but im cynnical :P

    She sounded so earnest in her emails and told my housemate that all she wants is for the money to return to her account, after which she will send the bag back and so my housemate agreed to the refund. Yup so right now the poor girl has no money no bag whereas that thief has the bag, the money and MAYBE even compensation from DHL! :cursing::cursing: Really I hope karma comes and bite that witch in the ass.

    Sorry.. just that the more i think about it.. the more i really think that thief deserves to rot and burn :Push:
  13. Is that possible? omg im going to let her know about this now.. :yes:
  14. omg the more i read these posts, the more i get paranoid about buying on ebay...
  15. My friend sold a new pair of jeans and the foreign buyer told me to send her $40 or she would file a negative feedback. Mind you nothing was wrong with the jeans this is how she makes money. I am fed up with ebay! They seem to bother only the honest people and don't do anything re the rampant foreign organized criminals that bother/harass and steal from honest people. This was clearly extortion!
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