Possible to develop a SA via PHONE??

  1. hello..am in need of some advice!

    As many know I don't have a close LV boutique near me that I can go to and I recently ordered an icon book on the phone via charge-send. I really like the SA that helped me. So how could I go about developing a relationship over the phone?! I also repeatedly told him to put me on the waitlist for the azur speedy...should I just keep calling them every few weeks to make sure I'm on the wait list? and how do I KNOW they put me on the waitlist and not just said they would...cuz I'm sure that would happen lots!

    Ideas pleaseeee!!!

    Oh and Also...this boutique is the TO Holt Renfrew Boutique, and since I do go to TO more than any other province there is a chance I'll get to meet them (hopefully this year, but that's a maybe)....so it's not like I picked one thats far away and would never get a chance to meet them.
  2. I definitely think it's possible. There are alot of people that don't have access to LV stores. :sad: I feel bad for you....I'm 2hrs away, but atleast it's there! LOL

    I would call him every so often and just say "hi" and find out how the waitlist is coming.

    Good Luck!
  3. I was referred to a boutique to purchase a wallet and the SA that helped me was very nice. I asked him to include his business card when shipping my purchase and I will be going there next month. I think you can definitely strike up a relationship even over the phone. This way you can check to see if you are really on a wait list for an item soon to be released.
  4. how do I do that?! just keep asking?! sorry, I'm kinda slow today...well I am everyday, but moreso today.;)

  5. I should ask for him everytime...so he kinda remembers right?! that's a good way to put the Q too! Thanks!! :smile: Sometimes the way I word my sentence doesn't come out the way I inteded it too, and the person on the receiving end may get a wrong impression.
  6. Veronika has a really good relationship with an SA at Valley Fair, I would ask her what she did.
  7. Yep. I have a SA in Hawaii! : )
  8. Yes, I have never met one of the SA's I deal with!
  9. well if you gave them your credit card number... they put you on the list :smile:
  10. Absolutely! He has your info and most importantly you have his info. If he needs help remembering who you are he can always look you up in the computer, that's what most SA's do.
  11. i just found an amazing sa...i am completely in love after one purchase...a nice thank you will be going her way! :smile:
  12. Do the people at 866 count? I used to always ask for this one person and he would try and find anything for me...even when other's would tell me sold out, or not that helpful.
  13. OMG I never knew many of you deal with SA you have not met in person!! I always assumed you saw them everytime you were in the boutique!

    My Icons book came in today! YAY!!!! and they overnighted it for me, so I'm going to call tomorrow (hopefully he is in) and thank him for the prompt delivery!! Should I mention the azur speedy wait list...what should i say1?!

  14. wellll..I gave him my CC to buy my book..I dunno if he's going to apply it for the azur also..:shrugs:
  15. I have two really good SA's I deal with that are in other states, so it's definitely possible!