Possible to allow anonymous postings on Health and Fitness subforum?

  1. I can certainly see the arguments against it (potential for flaming, etc), but I think some of us might find it helpful. I have seen a number of occassions now where someone wanted to discuss a particularly important or embarrassing health problem on the board, but do not because we can't start a new username or somehow else post anonymously. I have a thing or two I would like to discuss, and it has definitely deterred me because I know at least one person on this board knows me IRL and it's not info I discuss with anyone except my very closest friends.

    Anyway, I don't know if the software is capable of allowing this option only in H&F, or how difficult it would be to implement, but I thought it was something that perhaps should be considered.

    Thanks for hearing me out!
  2. I am not 100%, but I think being able to do that would be near impossible (but Vlad will clarify for us).

    I hate to say this, but I suppose if you do not want people to see this, then it is best not to bring it up since we most likely can not do this.

  3. It's not impossible, I suppose; Vlad could allow "guest" access to that subforum, allowing a member to sign out of their regular username and post in that forum as a "guest." He just might not want to, because of possible spam, etc.
  4. It would not be possible as one's username to become invisible only in one subforum...

    Anyhow, I will send him in here
  5. No, I didn't mean that. I meant that for one to post anonymously in a subforum with "guest access" enabled, they would log out of their username and post as "guest."
  6. Sorry, but guest posting on a forum of this size is anything but a good idea.
  7. Maybe if someone doesn't want to post a question personally, they could PM a tPF "friend" and see if they mind posting the question for them?

    Of course...there's always the "I have a friend too shy to ask, but she'd like to know...." LOL

    I know what you mean though... my SIL is now on tPF :ninja:& I sometimes "backspace backspace delete delete delete edit edit edit " b/c what I want to say sometimes reads a lot funkier than it sounded in my head...

    HI, SIL!! :flowers:
  8. I've actually PM'd a PF friend and asked them to post for me before.
  9. Okay... in the interst of Health & Fitness...:p I volunteer to recieve PMs (that's Private Messages & not PMS, LOL!!) from anyone who is too shy to post their own questions.

    I live in the middle of the pacific ocean, which is over 2500mi to the nearest continental land mass in any direction & will probably NEVER meet the majority of PF members, (except a few lovely ladies in the LV subforum!) so I'm game to ask anything potentially embarrassing....

    Bring it on! :biguns::party::supacool:
  10. ^ Lol!

  11. lol! :roflmfao:
  12. That may help!
  13. Yep, I thought of this myself as many have been banned lately for asking.

    I think what junkenpo suggested is a good idea, then it'll help filtering out the posts that obiously are only to cause havoc.
  14. ^ Banned for asking what? :shrugs:
  15. You mean banned for using multiple usernames?

    That's pretty much a basic rule on every forum.