Possible SO or release of lapis in VA?

Nov 6, 2017
Hi everyone,

with the recent launch of Rose de Noel line in lapis, do you think there is any chance of lapis being offered as a special order? Or ever coming back in full production?

I just love lapis (I’m not unique in this I know) and wondering if I just need to keep an eye on the resale market or hope for some kind of release from VCA. Any help would be appreciated!


Sep 27, 2013
I don't think so. A limited amount of vintage pieces were made for the 50th anniversary and a few more here and there since then. They could have sold far more if they had had the quantities to do so. My understanding is that the finest lapis comes from Afghanistan, and it's just not possible to get it now. It's hard to guess what could happen in the future.


Aug 18, 2012
Lapis Lazuli seems difficult to get. The lapis holiday pendant in the resale market sells for a lot more than its original price and it's not easy to find. I can't justify paying >12K for one more pendant, but the lapis Rose de Noel pendant is stunning. If you love lapis, you may want not to miss the opportunity of getting one. :graucho: