Possible smoke damage to Coach purse..question..

  1. I am very new to Coach. Just bought my first three Coach purchases at an Outlet two weeks ago. Me and hubby are going to Vegas and I really wanted to take one of my new purses I have a leather tote, fabric signature soho and a swingpack that is fabric also. I havent been to Vegas in a few years but the last time we were there, there was a lot of smoking in the casinos and bars. I really wanted to take my swingpack which is fabric or one of my leather wristlets...but did not want them to permanently smell like smoke. I am a non-smoker myself and have no idea. Would one be better than the other to take or should I leave them at home and maybe take an old stand buy. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


    PS I have been lurking for two weeks since I found this place. The information I have gotten off here has been so helpful. Looking forward to going back to my Coach outlet this weekend and will actually know the names of a few styles. I even spotted my first fake Coach at work yesterday!:tup:
  2. Is smoking in public establishments still legal in Vegas?
    I might just leave my Coach at home! Although leather may be okay, and when you get home air it out!! Have fun!
  3. I don't think Coach bags absorb odors any more than other brands. If you are worried about it, then it's probably best to leave them home.
  4. Welcome!!!

    Personally, I would not take anything you don't want to smell like smoke!
  5. Take the old standby...
  6. Thanks so much. That is what I will definately do. Better safe then sorry.:yes:
  7. I took a signature swing pack to vegas last year...it did NOT retain any smoke smell.

    have fun!
  8. If you do take it, Febreeze works really well for taking odors out of bags. I bought a bag off of eBay and it had a very faint smell of smoke. I guess my nose was sensitive enough to pick it up. I sprayed it with Febreeze and let it air out. There is no smell any longer! Have fun on your trip!
  9. I got my daughter a Coach purse off of eBay, and it arrived reaking of ciggerette smoke. I stuffed it with newspaper and a few dryer sheets, and hung it up out of the way. I think it took a few days for the fabric to smell better, but the leather trim took a week or more.

    I would leave your good purse at home.
  10. I say either leave your good purse at home or maybe just take the swingpack. They are a lot cheaper than the bigger bags and also smaller so it may be easier to get the smell out if there is a smell.