Possible Reference library for the BV forum???

  1. Hi!
    Since I posted yesterday about my first BV and the possibility of creating a Reference Library Subforum, I've been approached by several BVers. If this is something that you want, I would be happy to help. It would be great to have an categorized Color section, and an organized Style section. You already have a good start on the colors and it would be easy to move the pics to categorized groups. I am a BV newbie and would need some help. I don't have the knowledge to make meaningful style groups like I did with the Choo library. But, I did co-opt my Choo library threads and did some preliminary BV reference library threads. I posted it here: http://www.hankiebears.com/BVreflib.html . Please take a look and think about the logical headings or styles, and style groupings.

    If this is something you think would be a good idea, then Vlad and Megs could be approached to create the subdirectories after the threads are documented. You can post any comments about the creation of the library...kind of like a brainstorming session...on this thread.

    And if the interest is not really there, that is OK too. But if it is there, then we will have to start posting pics or referencing attachments in the individual library threads. This is where the real work comes in. It takes a group effort to make it successful.

    Looking forward to any feedback!
  2. Hi jburgh, thank you so much for taking the initiative on this!! I got your PM too and saw the preliminary threads. It would be super beneficial for all of us once this gets put together!!:yahoo:

    I'd just throw my initial thoughts here.

    - For colour, BV has unique colours like old petra(pink/purple/mauve/grey?) or pepe(brown/grey?). Do we put them in each possible colour thread or make a special thread?

    - For styles, comparison pics among different styles are really helpful too (like the one Syma recently posted). Would we put the same pic in different style threads or make a separate thread?

    This is exciting!! What can I do to contribute, maybe start digging old threads to find great pics?!!:sweatdrop:
  3. Please continue to post your thoughts here as to what you would like.

    I have been contacted about ideas from other members and I am going to see what we can do for everyone.

    Hang tight...good things will come.
  4. Thanks Kellybag!!!
  5. I think this is a fabulous idea! I would also like to see a leather reference thread if possible!
  6. We will take care of this in the next week or two.

    Just let us know exactly what you would like/need. jburgh knows precisely what is needed (such a savior in the JC section!!)
  7. This is a great start...

    Mid- I would think old petra could go both in the black/grey color section and in the purple/pink section. I just grouped the purple with pink in the preliminary color threads. It is good to cross reference colors, if there is no official designation by BV. And the pepe can go in both browns and grey.

    foxie-poo - A leather reference section is a good idea (like in Hermes). How many leathers are there? Could that be a sticky? Or should the styles contain leather information by the poster? Ex. (I'm making this up, now) Ocean Sloane in woven deerskin, S/S 2007. Could the leather expert in this forum post a list of different leathers? Thanks.

    Megs - Thanks for the vote of confidence! :heart:

    Any thoughts on styles or style groupings. Nothing is written in stone. New seasons sometimes need new threads for more popular bags. I always include a misc style thread in the interim.

    I've been bitten by the BV bug :graucho: .
  8. Wow, thank you so much to all of you for taking the initiative.

    When it comes to colors, I think it`s the best to either organize it by season (since most of the colors only appear for one season) or by color group (as they do in the BBag or H forums) and adding the codes if possible (e.g. Noce 2510 etc.)

    Concerning the styles, I think it`s best to organize them by type of bag (e.g. shoulder, tote, etc.) and have an extra thread for limited edition pieces by season!

    But that`s just my two cents...
  9. I think a small leather reference thread would be good, there are only about 12 to 15 including the exotic skins and usually there are none added from season to season...
  10. My two cents: I concur re adding the color codes to the colors section if we can, that's really helpful information for authentication and something I search often.

    Re organizing by color family vs organizing by season: with older bags you don't always know the season and year, and even with current bags I see some forum members calling things spring/summer that I'm pretty sure are resort. So maybe color family is best, and if the forum poster knows the season s/he can add that information to the text. We also should try to specify which leather the color swatch is (if we know), since the colors can look different on different leather.
  11. hi hovercraftier, i agree with your suggestion on colour family, as i'm one of those people (being relatively new to bv) who don't necessarily know which season a particular colour is from, and would like to learn.

    i think it's going to be very helpful to have the following categories in the bv reference library:
    (1) by style, e.g. a dedicated thread for venetas, campanas, cabats, montaignes, etc.
    (2) by colour family, e.g. browns, reds, yellows, greens, etc. including a thread just for classic colours which will be repeated every season
    (3) by types of leather
    (4) code number reference for both styles and colours, with size and measurements

    just my 2 cents' worth. i think it's such a great idea to have a bv reference library finally!
  12. I like the idea of color organized by seasons.
    I think the style should be organzied by the names of the style, with the first entry detailing the various sizes, design, history, price, and available colors of the style. It would make the thread incredibly informative and easy to read.
  13. Can the code number reference be a sticky?
    Are the style names used for one season only, or are there classics?
    Can someone post the style names on this thread?
  14. Some colors like ebano, noce are classics. That is one reason why I would like to see the colors by color families, ie browns, pinks, etc.
    This should be so great!
  15. Maybe I can be clearer with a compromise idea?
    1. Have the pictures of swatches be grouped by color family, on the assumption that people who are new to the brand would have an easier time finding the color of the bag they're curious about that way.
    2. Have a separate sticky that lists which colors were manufactured which season.

    or we could just copy whatever the Balenciaga folks do in their forum (I'm afraid to go in there for fear of getting hooked!), since they have more seasonal colors than anyone.