Possible prophylaxis for Rocco piping damage

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  1. Was just reading a bunch of these threads and wanted to suggest something that MAY be working for me (too early to tell how well it will work long-term).

    The background: Got a Rocco not even two weeks ago and started to see the "blue" areas on some spots of the piping within two days of carrying the bag. One spot already had a small piece of the leather surface peeling off. I'm assuming that the leather on the piping is too soft and not properly bonded so it's easily abraded by rubbing against just about ANYTHING. It won't take long for the leather to thin out and develop holes.

    I think I have found a way to slow down or prevent the damage. Disclaimer: I can't be sure how long it'll work but so far the experiment is going very well.

    My fix: I went to Michael's craft store and purchased a product called "Instant Vinyl Transparent Adhesive" made by Prym Consumer. The tube says that it's "For Mending Cuts, Tears & Holes in Vinyl, Leather and Fabric." I decided to put a light coating of this along the piping where there was damage. I used the end of one of those green plastic Starbucks things that is used to plug the coffee cup for transport (in the attached photo in case you don't know what I'm talking about.) It's the perfect width and acts as a smooth spatula so I can easily spread the sealant on the piping without getting it on the surrounding leather. I treated the damaged blue spots and once the product was dry, those areas looked good as new (went back to black and the little peels were reattached. You'd never know there was damage and the Instant Vinyl was invisible.) The next day I had blue wear spots in NEW spots so I decided to just treat the piping on the entire bag. Well, it's been a week and I see no signs of wear anywhere. I'm hoping that the leather repair stuff has coated the the leather on the piping to protect it from abrasion. I have no idea how long-term this fix is and I may have to periodically "refresh" the coating but I'm optimistic because I'd been seeing signs of leather abrasion on a DAILY basis and have gone a whole week now with no new problems anywhere. I'm not even sure where the spots I treated are because there's no sign of them.

    Will update in the coming weeks (I'll carry the bag every day).

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  2. do you have a before and after? i'm curious to see the difference.
  3. No, I just did it not realizing that there were whole threads on the piping problem. I thought that I had just been careless and accidentally hit the bag against brick or cement wall. I thought I was doing a simple one time repair not realizing that this seems to be an epidemic with Rocco bags. When I had new spots the next day, I just coated the whole thing. Would have shot photos of the before if I thought it would be of interest to anyone but me!
  4. thanks so much for the tip stacy..does the piping look any different? i.e. did it change the color or anything?
  5. Whoa! I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes after another week. I hope it's long term!
  6. It didn't change the color of the leather at all but it's a black Rocco. I'm not sure what would happen on a lighter colored bag so if the piping is a problem on those, too, then it would be better to test it in an inconspicuous spot, just in case it darkens the leather. On my black Rocco, the piping looked no different. If it had I would have treated all of the piping when I fixed the first worn spots to even the whole thing out.
  7. did it change the texture of the leather?
  8. I forgot to mention this but if you attempt a repair with the Liquid Vinyl, do NOT touch it until it's dry (45 minutes, according to the packaging). I touched one tiny spot a few minutes after application and some of it stuck to my finger. That spot feels rough rather than smooth and I can still tell where I touched it if I look closely because the coating is a little less transparent there.
  9. Only in one tiny spot where I touched the Liquid Vinyl before it dried. It was tacky, stuck to my finger and is rough there. It's sort of like when you touch nail polish very shortly after applying it and it gets all lumpy and scratchy. As long as you apply a smooth coating and let it dry it, the difference in texture is negligible.
  10. ^^this is fabulous-do please keep us posted on how it holds up. I am so curious!!!
  11. thanks stacy..super helpful hint!
  12. Stacy - this is the bag you got from Aloha Rag right? I just got mine a few days ago, but after reading your post I'm scared to take her out. I'm really curious to see how the instant vinyl does over time. Please keep us posted.
  13. Yes, that's the one. The places where the black was rubbing off annoy me. I'm not even wearing it cross-body with the long strap. It's where the bag touches me even when carrying it in the crook of my arm that started to wear first. I shouldn't need to carry a bag like a suitcase and hold it away from me like I'm afraid of it :smile:

    It's probably better to wait a few weeks before trying the Liquid Vinyl, just in case. It's supposed to stay flexible (I saw some people online claiming good results using it to repair things like car seats and with people sitting on them, it needs to stay flexible) but you never know. There's a possibility that it might get flaky over the next few weeks or something so I'll be the guinea pig :smile:
  14. This is a great post, I'm looking to rehabilitate my black/brass rocco, as carrying it mostly crossbody for 3 months straight has led to the same kinds of issues you mentioned...little pieces of leather "coating" hanging off the piping, a lot of denim transfer (on a black bag??? grrr), and just a lot of "rubbing" on one side of the bag. I'll definitely consider this in my attempts, thanks!
  15. Can you take a pic of it now and then perhaps again in a few weeks to show any difference? Would love to see how long it lasts!