Possible problems with DH

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  1. Has anyone heard of this? The urologist said that DH may have vericose veins in his testicles and that may be the reason for low sprem motility and concentration.
  2. Yes, our specialist talked to us about that on Monday. She said that the veins could be giving off excess heat which can kill sperm and reduce normal mophology.

    Did the urologist offer a solution?
  3. Just ordered an ultrasound & another semen analysis. Didn't really offer a solution, but from the info I've read on the internet it doesn't sound like the surgery that can be done to correct the veins doesn't necessarily increase chances for fertility. Oh and he gave him a multivitamin that is supposed to help incerase sperm count. We don't go back until June 2nd.
  4. What's the name of the multivitamin if you don't mind?
  5. The bottle says: Fertility for Men slow release formula theralogix nutritional suppliment
    We got samples, but when they run out we have to order them online @ theralogix.com
  6. minks, does your DH have low morphology? We were just diagnosed with 1% morphology and the Dr. really couldn't tell us if that was the problem and didn't have any solutions to offer, other than retesting, IUI or IVF... I've been looking into supplements, so it is good to hear that your urologist recommended some.
  7. He didn't mention morphology, only low motility and concentration.
  8. I just saw this thread!

    Varicoceles (dilated scrotal veins) can in fact decrease fertility--in fact, they are the #1 cause of secondary infertility (infertility in men who have already gotten someone pregnant). Repairing the varicocele can improve semen parameters (i.e. the numbers on the semen analysis) and there are also new data suggesting that the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs may be altered in men with varicoceles, and this would not be readily apparent on the semen analysis.

    So, in theory, repairing the varicocele is a good idea, provided that other causes of infertility have been excluded.

    I have never heard of a multivitamin that increases sperm count. What is in this?? The cure for a varicocele is surgical, but if there is a problem with your DH's hormones, that may be a medical problem (i.e. curable with pills). I definitely think you should ask your urologist to elaborate on this.
  9. Our urologist said that the multivitamin has been known to aid in increasing sperm count. The link is theralogix.com. It was not meant to be a "fix" for the vericose veins.
  10. Hmm---I will ask about it, but I have never heard anyone endorse it. I'll have to see what's in it.
  11. urologist, are you a urologist?
  12. yes, though in the interest of full disclosure I am a pediatric urologist, so it has been a couple of years since I have done much infertility. I don't mean to be pushy, but I just want to speak up because I think that unfortunately male reporoductive health/sexual function is one of those fields that is somewhat emotionally charged, so there are many opportunities for unscrupulous people to take advantage of others.