Possible Pic Of S/s 08 Yellow In Elle

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    Received my Jan 08 Elle magazine, with the Posh Spice blow up doll .... er, I mean Victoria Beckham on the cover and saw this pic in the magazine. It's on page 44 if you have the magazine! There have been other threads with these style of bags possibly with the 08 Electric Blue, so I wonder if this could possibly be the 08 yellow.

    I certainly hope so, on my monitor the pictures we have seen have looked like a daffodil bud when it is transitioning from green bud, to yellow flower, but definitely a lot of green. This looks like a daffodil, pure, bright yellow!!

    Very interested to hear other's thoughts!

    I'm sorry it's not the best picture, I had to scan it, then blow it up to make it visible!

    I wish you well,


    08 YELLOW.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting the pics!! They came out much clearer than my catalog pics did! I'm still undecided about the yellow - I have a feeling that even if I really like the color when it comes out that it's just not really "me."
  3. I love the color!

    I have that magazine as well and posted an overpriced boho bag from Bal. I stopped to take the pic of the boho bag and that's as far as I got!

    I really like the look of the yellow (fake) first that Nic Richie sports.:heart: But, I doubt that I will get a bag in this color, since I just bought the Juane, not to mention that I have promised to behave after I get the Pale Magenta . . . although I am planning to also get a First . . . hmmm. . .
  4. a good possibility. i mean, why would he do another yellow if one is coming out you know?
  5. YOu rock!!!! I love it!
  6. Thanks for the photo! Very yellow - I'm signed up for a work - can't wait to see the bag when it arrives - it may be more than I can handle in a work size. :smile: May have to opt for something a little smaller. Thanks for taking the time to scan and everything, Bridget!
  7. I saw that too! Yellow's not for me, but still it's a pretty color to admire from afar:smile:
  8. Wow, thanks Bridget
  9. That yellow is not being used in the moto line tho, just the lune as far as I know, the moto line is a bright acid yellow. Why does everyone see a color and get suspect that it will be in the moto line lately?!
  10. thanks for posting!
  11. This yellow looks too... sunshiney compared to the flourescent yellow of sneak pics we've seen so far? I don't think it's this warm shade of yellow either. Although if it turns out to be, I would like it alot better than acid yellow.
  12. i love it!!!!! thanks for posting