Possible paypal fraud!! HELP!

  1. I was selling something on eBay (not a purse), and listed it as buy it now. Now a person bought it from me and paid me the money. The thing is, I think it might be fraud.

    I sent him an invoice and he sent me a payment through paypal. For those of you who have people paid to your paypal account, may I know what the email address of paypal is? In my case, it is

    From: paypal confirmation <customerxx@consultant.com>
    Subject: Payment Confirmation # 3775-1108-9321-3941-9139.

    I am just wondering.. does paypal's email address end with consultant.com? Can a fellow TPF'er check for me please? :confused1:

    Also, the guy wants me to send the item to Nigeria, saying that it is for his son who is going to start school in Africa.:confused1: His confirmed paypal address is in South Carolina, but he says that he is from MI and is currently in London for a business trip. He also said that in order for me to send the item to Nigeria, he is going to give me $150 for USPS Global Express (US Postal service ) 3-5 days Delivery. Does USPS Global Express cost that much? (Or maybe he's just being generous. I dont know).

    What is weird is that I checked his eBay id, and his feedback is private. He has 0 feedback score and he joined eBay today, 7th Feb 07. His ebay id is: mwil8639. Mod, if I cant say the ebay id, please tell me. I will edit it.

    I dont know what to do! Please advice me! :s
  2. Mod, please move this thread! i just realized that there is an ebay forum! Sorry!!
  3. it's been awhile since i've used paypal but they never send an email without stating your name! at least what i know of, because i've gotten some emails from fraud paypal where they ask for all sorts of info, and address me as paypal member versus my name...

    i sincerely hope (although it seems like it) it's not fraud but i also hope you haven't send the purse yet, until someone else can confirm my thought on the paypal thingy.

    and nigeria? total craigslist fraud!
  4. That's a well-known scam. That is NOT Paypal's address, and he did NOT send you a payment! STAY AWAY!!!!!
  5. Yeah that is complete fraud. Don't listen to it..and also, report it to spoof@paypal.com
  6. ^^ totally off topic but i've always wanted to tell you tiny cat what a cute pic you have in your profile!

    but yeah, it seems like it's fraud :sad:
  7. Yea the story the man used sounds like fraud. My fiance sold cellphones and got so many of these stories of send it hear its for this person. I wouldn't send it.
  8. Aw, thanks :biggrin: I love your sig pic too - and you're a cancer survivor, YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    I'm sorry that this has happened to you starfused :sad:
  9. Do Notttttttttttttt Send!!!!!!!!
  10. Always And Only Send To The Confirmed Address Of The Paypal Acct!
  11. STEER CLEAR from that buyer!! Did you check your paypal to see if you have the funds in your account? I dont think there will be any money in your paypal account since he's a scam artist.

    Anyways, relist the item and block the buyer
  12. Definitely a scam! Without a doubt! If the email was legit, the money would be in your paypal account. Do not ever send anything to Nigeria!!! Some many people have lost money to *Nigerian Scams*.
  13. Did he offer to overpay?
    But yeah, I very seriously doubt you have any money in your paypal acct.
  14. Even if he did pay by paypal I would refund his money, block him, and I wouldn't care if they left me a negative.
  15. Paypal's email address NEVER ends with consultant.com.

    Forward the email that you received to: spoof@paypal.com. They will tell you that it's a scam and they will follow up on the email.

    I agree, this is a Nigerian scam. Do not send out the item -- you will not get the money for it and you'll never see the item again.