Possible move to NY

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  1. & I am not sure where to even look (ha) I don't want the city because I want a home but I don't want to live that far from the city, any suggestions?
  2. that's a tough 1. Even the boroughs of New York are pretty expensive right now.
  3. It's such a huge metropolitan area that you need to narrow it down. Where will you be working or going to school? Do you want a single family home or apartment/condo? There are parts of NYC that have these options - depends on what you want.

    Outside of NYC, there are plenty of bedroom communities to the north (Westchester, Rockland Counties in New York State and into Connecticut), to the west (New Jersey) and to the east (Long Island).

    There are a few other threads on tPF on living in NYC if you do a search.
  4. Hopefully you have a relative to stay with because transitioning is a *****. The job market is rough, the housing market is like the Mohave, and winter's coming. Good luck!