Possible missing eBay package..Tracking info not updated/ change of address help!

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  1. Hi all.

    I purchased a relatively pricey item from eBay last week. A few hours after payment the shipping label and tracking number was created. Tracking info says two day priority.

    Since then... Nothing. It's been 7 business days. Haven't received my item or any updates on the tracking. Tracking still only says label created.

    I've contacted the seller telling them that I don't have my item. Seller claims he/she sent out the item right after I paid. Seller has been slow at responding and has ignored me for two days now and not answered my question about why it only says label created. It's making me nervous. The seller also has decent feedback though so I'm not quick to jump to conclusions.

    Just today I had a thought. A few months ago I moved out of my parents and into my own place, and I've had to change my address through the post office and my mail has been forwarded.

    I intentionally selected my parents address for the item to be sent to since there is always someone there. Now I'm wondering.... Is it possible that the package was rerouted to my new address? I'm wondering if this is why I'm having an issue.

    Is there any possible way I can call the post office or somewhere and figure out where my package is I'm getting really stressed out since this was a huge purchase. Also if mail is forwarded... Wouldn't there still be updates on the tracking info, like when it was scanned into the depot??

    Any advice would be awesome!
  2. I've very rarely had packages not scan when it reaches the post office. Sometimes it won't scan at drop off, but it will almost always scan at some point along the way. Hate to be a pessimist, but I think this is more a case of your seller not sending it, as opposed to it being rerouted.

    I've never really setup address forwarding, so can't comment on that. However, I can say that generally when my packages reach the PO and have to be processed for some reason or another, the tracking info will usually tell me what's going on with it (eg held for signature).
  3. It is possible your package would be forwarded to you since you put in a change of address; in fact, that is what should happen if the post office is doing their job correctly. However, in this case, there is a chance that your seller didn't mail it. Or she mailed it and it hasn't been scanned. It is rare that an item goes all the way to the delivery location without being scanned but it happens. I've shipped packages that only had one scan, when they were delivered.

    Keep in mind that unless tracking shows the item has been delivered, you are covered by ebay buyer protection, as long as you don't wait too long to open a claim. It is the seller's responsibility to get the package to you. If it gets lost in the post office, that isn't your problem. If tracking doesn't show the package was delivered, you will get a refund.
  4. I have two thoughts and will address them separately.

    Since communication from the seller is either slow or lacking, there's no update at all to tracking and it's been over a week since she claimed she mailed the package, I'd open INR.

    I'm glad you attempted to work with the seller prior to doing it but her lack of response is bothersome and makes me think something else might be going on.
    When COA forms are filed with the post office, you would select the addressee(s) whose mail is to be forwarded. Presumably you only chose to have your own mail forwarded to your new address but mail addressed to your parents would still be delivered to their address.

    If you wanted the mail delivered to your parents' address, you would have had to had their name on the shipping label. If you left the paypal address info with YOUR own name, the post office is required to forward it.

    However in doing so, you also caused the seller to lose seller protection. Although a seller has no knowledge nor control over mail being forwarded, they lose protection when it's done. (The reason for this is to prevent scamming buyers.) I'm not saying you are a scammer but just that that's the reason for the policy.

    Again at this point though, I recommend opening a dispute for non-receipt, preferably through paypal.
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  5. Just wondering, how would losing seller protection prevent scamming buyers. I would think if you're fighting a scamming buyer, the seller should have MORE protections, not have them removed...?
  6. I don't disagree. They hold the seller responsible for what a scammer does. It's a win-win for PP.

    I was just commenting on the policy.
  7. I appreciate your advice.

    I didn't even think when purchasing the item, because i keep forgetting that I changed my address and I have my paypal info saved under my name and my parents address.

    I'm still concerned as to why there is absolutely no tracking info. I'm not sure if this is because the change of address issue or because the seller just really never sent my item. It's driving my crazy but this is day 8 of waiting for my item. I understand it's possibly my fault for it taking so long but it doesn't make sense that it would have never been scanned into a depot somewhere.

    I'm tempted to wait a few days and see if it shows up at either house but also I'm concerned that the seller really never sent my item or sent it and it got lost on their end. I would never scam anyone and trust me I don't want this to happen because I need the item! I would be completely honest if I received the item. Hopefully it comes by the end of the week ... If not I will have to open a dispute
  8. Right, I forgot, PP=common sense out the window
  9. It is possible the tracking wont show up until its delivered. (My husband makes steel "hidden" shelf brackets, we sell them on etsy. We ship USPS priority flat rate. I hand the orders to the clerk at the counter at the post office. Some of our shipments are very heavy. Several of our orders dont show tracking and only show the label being created. Worried about one order, I went back to the PO the next day & asked the clerk that I had given it to and she said depending on the size some are routed differently and dont get scaned.)
    But, I dont like that the seller is not communicating with you. That is kinda a red flag for me. Can you go into your PO with your tracking # and ask them, maybe they can look into it more.
  10. Again, the fact that there's no tracking and no response from the seller is the reason I suggest opening an INR case now.

    Prior to opening the case, you did the right thing (2 days ago) and contacted the seller. Having not responded to your message, she will (or should) reply to the dispute.
  11. ETA: Had there been some tracking documentation showing re-routing of the item, there may have been a problem (re protection) for both you and the seller but in this case, the seller's lack of tracking proof puts into question whether there was a shipment. But since there's no proof of it being forwarded, it's just a matter of tracking showing delivery vs. no tracking to prove delivery.

    Hope this makes sense.
  12. I don't think your change of address has anything to do with the no tracking issue. If the package was scanned, you would be able to see the tracking. The change of address doesn't come into play until the package reaches the destination post office. If it is past the estimated delivery date that shows in your ebay purchase history, I would open an "item not received" claim. Then, don't close the claim until you have the package in hand and there is nothing wrong with the item, even if tracking does appear, because you won't be able to reopen the claim if things go wrong.
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  13. Contacted the seller. She is still claiming she definitely dropped off the item at the post office. She said she's going to th post office tomorrow to figure out what's going on, although I'm not sure what that will do. Maybe it was returned to sender or something? Idk. I'm giving her a few more days (til sat) to update me or provide more info then I'm opening a case
  14. It would be nice to get some news.
  15. It's the seller's responsibility to get the package to you. File INR and don't cancel it until the package is in your hands or you have your money back.
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