Possible Live action Sleeping Beauty by Tim Burton

  1. Hmm, interesting. Helena and Johnny would totally be in it. I wonder who would be Aurora herself? Is Mia going to be his mini H/J? Ha ha.
  2. That's funny, I could totally see that happening...
  3. I would definitely go see this.
  4. I wonder who would play the fairies...
  5. This would be great!
  6. lol think Johnny would be the prince? Who knows! But, I am DEFINITELY seeing this movie!
  7. This would be truly awesome!!!!
  8. I would love that! I am trying to think of who would be a good Aurora.
  9. wow!!! possibly sometime in 2011, then?? what do you think johnny depp as prince charming and helena as one of the fairies??
    my guess is Aurora would be someone little-known, aka Mia from Alice in Wonderland...Sweeney Todd's daughter...my, Tim Burton does like his doe-eyed females, doesnt he????
  10. Indeed he does!
  11. I think Johnny's SO would make a great Aurora...

  12. THAT would be adorable, ROO! To reference the disney version, aurora didnt have many speaking parts but had, what? 2 solos? Vanessa IS a french singer...!
  13. ^^Aurora=the divine Ms Paradis! Perfection!