Possible for 3 groups of serial number to be exactly the same?

  1. Hi, everyone! Have researched on the serial number threads but still cannot fathom the answer to this...is it possible for a bag to be of the same color (sorbet), the same model (giant city) but different color hardware(one is silver, one is rosegold) yet have the exact same 3 groups of serial number at the back of the leather tag?

    I have accepted and have seen exactly the same bags (color, model, hardware) to have the same 3 groups of serial number...but same serial numbers for a different color hardware? Is it possible? and still be authentic?
  2. Bal doesn't go by serial numbers. Numbers on the tag include the style number and batch number. It is possible that the same style but different colors have the same sets of numbers. For authentication, please post detail photos on the authentication thread.
  3. even for the leather tag inside the bag(not paper tag)?...Anyway, thanks, handbag angel, but it's a fb seller account, but tried posting it in the authentication thread, hopefully, someone will reply...
  4. Yes, even for the leather tag inside. Please post their photos to the ATB thread. We will help to take a look.
  5. can't attach the fb photos to the ATB thread, anyway, I almost pushed thru with the sale yesterday, except upon actual inspection/handling of the bag, the rosegold zipper "key/handle" in the front pocket has 2 black spots on it...it didn't look like tarnish nor stain, more like those 2 spots weren't "covered" in rosegold or were chipped off...for a big amount of money, I decided not to buy anymore, no wonder it is still unsold...but thanks for your help.