possible first Chanel...some questions!

  1. Hi, I wondered over here from the Louis Vuitton forum...I've been OBSESSED with LV for the past couple months, but I find that I'm never 100% happy with any of the LV's that I buy. So I'm slowly moving away...And the only other designer I've ever really taken a liking to is Chanel! I'm thinking about getting a Jumbo flap bag (sorry, I don't know the correct name!), and I was just wondering: is this something I can use everyday? Is it durable (I would get it in Caviar leather)? I'm a jeans & t-shirts girl, so do you think I could pull it off? Any opinions would be deeply appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I think the Jumbo Flap bag in caviar leather is a perfect choice for your first chanel! It is easily dressed up or down, just perfect for jeans and tee-shirts or any other outfit! If you need proof just head over to the reference library and check out some of the celebrity shots... Rachel Bilson can be seen sporting regular attire with her flaps and she looks fab! Also if you weren't sure about the flap the GST (grand shopping tote) is another great choice! Check it out- I hope this helps!
  3. This is a great choice, and great everyday bag too!, but hurry get it before the price increase on Nov. 1st.:tup::graucho:
  4. i think it'll be ur perfect first chanel :yes:
    i loved mine to death, it's so perfect, it can goes for party, reception, formal meetings, shopping with jeans and tees.
    here how i wore mine with jeans and tee
  5. jumbo flap is perfect dressed up or down....that would be an excellent first!
  6. seahorse- you look great with your jumbo!
  7. ^ITA! it looks great! Thanks all for your help. Another question - are most styles readily available in boutiques? And how do they hold up in weather (snow & rain)?
  8. thank u laksalala :p
    kimalee, not sure aout availability. but the caviar one can hold up rain pretty good, i'm sure it can hold up snow too :yes:

    not sure about the lambskin though