Possible first Botkier?

  1. Hi ladies - wondering if you can help me? Our local Bay store has carried Botkier bags for a few years now, but they've never received a Sasha duffel before. Over the years, several Botkiers have been on my wish list but my wish list is sooooo long, this brand always managed to get bumped...

    Today, I have finally *found* a black leather med Sasha duffel with soft gold tone hardware. Do these EVER go on sale in the USA? Online or in store? I'm just curious because this is black lambskin...not satin...not a colour; it's also not been marked up just because it's selling in Canada. Of course, if I want it, I should just snatch it up but it has shown up out of nowhere after ALL these years!?

    The Eloise satchels in tobacco are marked up a tiny bit but not as bad as some brands (like Linea Pelle is marked up $90 here).
  2. Hi! I have seen the med black Sasha Duffle on sale maybe twice. It was on sale for approx.$369 if I remember correctly.

    I don't know if the sites ship tp Canada or not so that's something to consider as well.

    I have a med black Sasha Duffle and I love it. This one isn't seen often so if it's NWT, you love it and feel it's a good price, go for it!
  3. Thank you for the advice, tonij2000! I had a feeling it might what you described might be the case as everything goes on sale once in a while in the US...but locally, sigh...I bet there's just that ONE Botkier sasha up her (well, in BC anyway). Sure, $369 would be nice but I'd have to get really lucky. Sometimes I ship to Point Roberts, WA cross the border to pick up...not bad at all but I'd have to wait it out.

    Yes, the bag at the Bay is NWT in brand new, mint condition. It just arrived...I suppose if I'm not quick, somebody else will snatch it up...it's rare up here!
  4. Well, I went for it today...what pushed me over the top is that it's supposed to cost even more in CDN $. The staff at the Bay have not gotten around to putting new price stickers on the Botkiers (except for the 2 Eloise satchels - those have Bay stickers on them).

    Well, it sure would be nice to pay less than $400 but oh well. I'm not going to return her as I want to use her right away. She is super soft & thick lambskin but not thick n' stiff, kwim?

  5. Congrats, I love it!